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October 7, 2017, No comments

Ladies, nobody can outclass The Donald in shamelessness. Nobody. One the eve of the first anniversary of the Access Hollywood tapes revealing Trump’s pussy-grabbing prowess, The Donald rolls back the […]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – World Contraception Day 2017

October 4, 2017, No comments

The revolution will not be televised. And neither was World Contraception Day 2017. September 26, 2017 was World Contraception Day. But, if you blinke ...

Sophia’s Review Of ‘Girls Trip’

August 5, 2017, Comments Off on Sophia’s Review Of ‘Girls Trip’

Now that ASK A SEX THERAPIST told us about grapefruiting, Ladies, if you & your girlfriends haven’t seen “Girls Trip” yet, you need to ̵ ...

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

July 31, 2017, Comments Off on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Because we have to “hold it down”, raise the kids, work harder than anyone only to still be paid less, keep the home, give our all to the church, ...

  • Does Your Man Masturbate Too Much? By F.N.
    June 9, 2017, Comments Off on Does Your Man Masturbate Too Much? By F.N.

    Okay, ladies, so something really interesting happened a while ago. I returned to Ghana for a holiday and started back up with an ex. For most of the time we […]

  • Show Me What Bad Karma Looks Like
    May 24, 2017, 1 Comment

    Ladies, if you’ve been out protesting lately, you know every so often someone in the crowd pops up and shouts “Show me what democracy looks like!” And, the crowd roars […]

  • U.S. National Women’s Health Week May 14 – 20
    May 17, 2017, Comments Off on U.S. National Women’s Health Week May 14 – 20

    Ladies, this is the week to examine your your lifestyle and learn how to maintain good health. It’s National Women’s Health Week May 14 – 20 in the States The […]

  • Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated
    May 14, 2017, Comments Off on Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated

    Mother’s Day is a day when mothers can do no wrong and daughters are expected to be dutiful and respectful. But, most of all, everyone should be happy and grateful. […]