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  1. Themba October 4, 2012 at 1:17 pm ·

    Yes, I totally agree! So many of these kids have been paermped and taught that they’re the center of the universe. In a sick and “tolerant” society that we live in now, few accept responsibility for their actions. I for one am tired of the high welfare taxes we are forced to pay when these losers get knocked up. If they’re underage and pregnant, then the teens and/or parents should be given the bill and have it deducted from their paychecks when and if they work until every penny is paid back. My wife has a niece that’s cost her parents over 100k in medical bills mostly in the form of some “mental” problem she supposedly developed after becoming pregnant all because she decided she liked some loser kid and got knocked up by him. Moreover, we all have the privilege of getting stuck with the medical/welfare bills as well. If people want to help out and donate to these kids then I have no problem with that. Tough love, instead of spoiling and not truly caring is a much better solution for parents than trying to be the kids “friend” and not teaching them discipline. Don’t look now but our economy is in a shambles and all the welfare and programs are going away. I guess these teens and others are going to have to learn to be celibate or end up living under the nearest bridge! It’s all about making good and choices!

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