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We’re 94% Strong – A Hug For Hillary

Stats show that unlike any other group, Black women showed Hillary love on election night. 94% of Black women voted for Hillary Clinton. We showed more support than any other group. So, don’t believe those outlets that want to give you the illusion that Blacks just didn’t vote for her.  And, don’t listen to those people who tell you this election shows more people came out for Trump than for love, justice, equality and tolerance. Hillary won the popular vote and this is expected to grow to 2 million or so. Combine Hillary’s numbers with those of third party candidates and the fact that fewer Republicans supported their candidate this year than they did in the last election, and it’s clear the numbers are not so much against her – or us. What is clear: People thought Hillary would win and stayed home or cast a protest vote for a third party.  They wouldn’t be out on the streets protesting everyday otherwise.

Democrats Republicans Third Party Total Voters
2016 61.1 Million 60.5 Million 6.9 Million 128.5 M
2012 65.9 Million 60.9 Million 2.4 Million 129.2 M

Source: Domineco Montanaro NPR based on NY Times projections

When you are straight up, stood up and abandoned – something we Sistas’ know a thing or two about out – you need a hug. You just need one big hug.

It is painful when you get all dressed up and ready for a date – knowing this is “the one” – and wait patiently only to find out not only is your date not coming, but he’s going out with somebody else.  You are in shock. Traumatized.

Hillary is in shock; we are all in shock. We all need a hug. Be kind and supportive of each other.

But, stay vigilant.

Hillary is strong Sista’ and so are we.  As SuzyKnew! has stated all through this election season, we need to stay strong and stay positive. With the support of each other, vigilance, and strong Sista’ leadership, we will get through this and blaze a path to a better way – and a better love.