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Fertility Friday: Autoimmunity And Infertility

Hey Ladies! This weekend we share Fertility Friday’s podcast on the connection between fertility challenges and autoimmune disorders.  Here is Fertility Friday’s podcast interview with Aimee Raupp,  MS, LAc, a renowned women’s health & fertility expert, celebrity acupuncturist & coach, and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get HealthyYes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief .    The interview discusses the role of autoimmunity in cases of “unexplained” infertility.

Discover why Aimee is often the first practitioner who has tested for these markers for many of her clients, and what that could mean for you on your fertility journey. Follow this link to tune in!

Juneteenth, Father’s Day, And African-American Father-Daughter Relationships

Juneteenth, Father’s Day, and African-American Father-Daughter Relationships… how are they all related?

Well, first of all, we’re celebrating them all this weekend. Happy Juneteenth! Happy Father’s Day!

Juneteenth celebrates the arrival of Union soldiers in Galveston, TX announcing the end of the U.S. civil war and slavery and Father’s Day, which this year falls the day after Juneteenth, is the day we set aside to celebrate our fathers. The relationship women have with their fathers plays a large role in shaping their relationships in their adult life.

Unfortunately, there are few studies that examine the role African-American father-daughter relationships play in a Black woman’s ability to be establish happiness in marriage and good sexual health. Many of the existing studies are theses and not peer-reviewed articles appearing in research journals. What we can glean from these studies?

One study found the quality of father-daughter relationship significantly influenced the type of men daughters’ found attractive.  The study also noted that Black American women who have high quality relationships with their fathers tend to have longer lasting romantic relationships with men than their counterparts. Although there is a need for more research, these findings should make us pause and reflect.

As you celebrate your freedom and your father this weekend explore how your relationship with men – good or bad – has been influenced by your father. How can you be grateful and give thanks or come to terms with your reality? Your reflection may take time and you may have to wait like the slaves in Galveston, but reflection but whatever your reflection turns up, honor it, as we honor our freedom and family.

Photo credits: Tayfun Coskun Getty Images

Menstrual Hygiene Day – FEMLY – A Black Woman’s Feminine Care Product

Hey Ladies – guess what we’re celebrating on May 28th?  Menstrual Hygiene Day.

I know. You’re thinking this is one of those international awareness days that more organizations are talking about than people you know are talking about.  True. This could be true.

But, we do want to take the opportunity of Menstrual Hygiene Day to shine a light on Arion Long, the CEO of FEMLY,  a company making natural, organic feminine hygiene products.   FEMLY pads, cups and products are directed at Black women and women of color. Women of color are less likely to use tampons than white women and FEMLY makes sure their pure cotton pads and other menstrual care products address our concerns, taboos and needs.

Arion was diagnosed with a cervical tumor in her 20’s that was caused in part by the feminine care products she was using. She also knew so many other Black women suffering from reproductive health problems such as fibroids, heavy periods and more.

Hear Arion’s story and more about the FEMLY product here.


Want to know more about National Menstrual Awareness Day?  Here you go:


Fertility Friday: Vulvodynia (Associated With Painful Sex) And Birth Control

Happy Monday, Ladies! You made it through the first day of the week. To reward you, SuzyKnew! is sharing Fertility Friday’s podcast interview on Vulvodynia and birth control… what you need to know.

Vulvodynia is unfortunately a common condition many women experience. The biggest takeaway from this week’s episode is that hormonal birth control can cause vulvar pain. This important piece of the puzzle is often missed by healthcare professionals, leaving many women to suffer for years until they discover the source of their pain.

In this on-air client session, Fertility Friday’s client Annie shares her experience with vulvodynia, the challenges she encountered getting a proper diagnosis, and how she discovered the link between her symptoms and hormonal birth control.

Click here for the podcast.

5 Things To Remember From Easter

Even if you didn’t celebrate Easter last week, we can all have hope from the Easter, which marks resurrection and renewal. Here are 5 important takeaways from Easter taken loosely from

  1. We are loved God loves us. His love cannot be undone.  God’s love for us is not hesitant or begrudging. He loves us freely and willingly
  2. We are not alone – Often, we think God has abandoned us or that He doesn’t care about our struggles and the pain we experience. But, we cannot forget that God knows our sorrows and grief.
  3. We can rest – God offers us rest.  Everything needed for us to experience peace with God and have eternal life … is already accomplished. We are not required to do any work to help make it happen. Salvation is a gift from God. It is not based on what we do for God, but on what Jesus did for us.
  4. We can be hopeful – Death doesn’t have the final word. Sin and suffering don’t have the final word. Politics and pandemics don’t have the final word.
  5. We can keep going – Even in these troubling, confusing times – when you just want to give up and call it quits–we can keep going because God keeps us going.P
  6. Photo credits: Waterloo-Cedar Courrier

Fertility Friday: Using The Menstrual Cycle As The Fifth Vital Sign

This Friday we’re sharing Fertility Friday’s “Using The Menstrual Cycle As The Fifth Vital Sign.”

The podcast is all about using fertility awareness as a vital sign. From timing tests and ultrasounds, to monitoring general health (stress, fitness, diet, etc.) your menstrual cycle is constantly reflecting the status of your overall health back to you! Nora Pope joins host Lisa Hendrickson-Jack to share many of the specific ways she used cycle charting to inform her naturopathic practice.

Imagine if it was a standard practice in medicine to teach clients to track their cycles so that testing could be timed based on where you are in your cycle! The level of accuracy of both testing and interpretation would significantly improve, and so many women would be better served.

As you know, our medical system wasn’t designed for us! It wasn’t designed to accommodate for the natural hormonal cycle that women of reproductive age experience for decades of our life. That typically means that it’s up to us to learn to track our own cycles and advocate for testing and support in line with what’s actually happening in our cycles!

A perfect example of this is progesterone testing. Many doctors still assign this test on day 21 of the cycle regardless of what’s actually happening in your body. But if you want to test your progesterone, the most accurate time to test is in the middle of your luteal phase. If every woman ovulated on day 14 like clock work, day 21 would work wonderfully, but you already know that’s not the case!

Arbitrarily testing for hormones on a certain date of the cycle is a wasted opportunity. However, when women are charting their cycles they can identify their ovulation date and time their progesterone test based on cervical fluid (7 days after their peak day {peak day = the last day of clear/stretchy mucus}) or their basal body temperature shift (the day of 7th high temperature).

This is important, because the most accurate time for progesterone testing is 7 days after ovulation (not “day 21”), and an even better strategy would involve a series of ultrasounds to assess follicular development!

Click here for Fertility Friday’s podcast

International Women’s Day 2021: #ChooseToChallenge


Let’s celebrate March 8th International Women’s Day. March is women’s history month, so we can celebrate all month.

This years theme is “Choose to Challenge.” Chose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can chose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements.

Click here to find events taking place in your country during the month of March 2021 celebrating International Women’s Day


Vagina-Scented Face Masks

Yes! This actually exists: Vagina-scented face masks. A New Jersey native came up with this enterprising idea after losing her hotel job. How does she do it?  A fine cloth is inserted in the vagina and worn for two hours.

The name of her new company: Coronapussy. The vagina-smelling masks sell for $4.99 and are flying off the shelf.  What’s next?  Penis-smelling face masks.  Click here for more.


Fertility Friday: Decoding The Male Influencer Space

This weekend we share Fertility Friday’s podcast on “Decoding The Male Influencer Space.

Fertility Friday’s Lisa Hendrickson-Jack states:

Many reproductive-aged women find themselves following a variety of male health and fittness influencers who’ve had amazing success with certain practices that end up causing hormone and menstrual cycle disruption when they try them.

Lisa looks at a few of these practices in today’s podcast episode — namely intermittent fasting, “magical” diets, and “magical” supplements. Why call them “magical?” Because you may have noticed the tendency for health and fitness influencers to promote a specific diet or way of eating, an exercise practice, or certain supplements because they’ve had a positive personal experience. They may feel that they’ve found the “truth” for everyone because of their personal experience, so they begin evangelizing their benefits to the masses.

Click here for the podcast!

When The First Lady Isn’t A Lady

Before the dust settles on the Trumps’ move-out and we start Black History month,  we thought we’d take one last potshot at Melania, the worst First Lady in U.S. history.

This finding isn’t just a SuzyKnew! opinion. For the record: Melania was voted the least popular First Lady in the history of the U.S. On her way out the door, she flouted history at every turn, refusing to write her own thank you notes to staff and more obnoxiously, refusing to give Jill Biden, the next First Lady a tour of the White House.  These have been long-standing American traditions. Dissing people is what the Trumps do.

People don’t like to talk about it, but Melania is the first former – shall we say… “call girl” the country has had as a first lady.  In the early days of the Trump presidency, journalists were sued for mentioning it. But since SuzyKnew! has a modest reach and following,  we’re not worried about being sued or trolled.  For those who doubt Melania’s unlady-like behavior as a model with legs that spread like butter, you can easily find nude pictures of her on the internet. Just google it.  Remember when Vanessa Williams was forced to give up her crown as Miss America in 1984 because of nude pictures  of her in lesbian poses were found? It took Vanessa forever to put that behind her and move on.  Vanessa had to confront it.  And Melania?  She’s never confronted the issue of exactly what kind of “model” she was and if her behavior was lady-like. And, how did she meet Donald Trump? Through Jeffery Epstein’s modeling agency?

Melania’s recent unlady-like actions, leaving the White House indicate that she doesn’t follow or believe in her own “Be Best” campaign. Yeah. That’s right. Melania’s “Be Best” campaign is a sham. A Fake. Surprise. Surprise.

Melania came into the White House tarnished as a lady of ill repute and she left with the same stain.