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Fertility Friday: What Does A Healthy Menstrual Cycle Look Like? The Menstrual Cycle As The 5th Vital Sign

Lisa Hendrickson Jack

Colleen Flowers is a Fertility Awareness Educator who loves teaching women and couples about their reproductive health from a holistic perspective. Colleen graduated as a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner in 2012 and she has been working tirelessly in this field ever since! Colleen founded Flowers Fertility in 2011 where she teaches classes and offers private consultations so that women can better-understand fertility awareness charting, and improve their chances of conceiving or avoid pregnancy naturally.
In today’s episode, Lisa interviews Colleen about the menstrual cycle. Colleen takes us through the parameters of a healthy menstrual cycle, and why it is important to chart your menstrual cycles not only for birth control and conception but also for overall health and screening for potentially serious illnesses. Colleen talks about what to look for in a healthy cycle, how to know if your cycles are out of the normal range, and when to seek support from a health practitioner if you have concerns about your menstrual cycle.

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