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A ‘Bad Hombre’ Who Won’t Accept Losing

Okay, Ladies, the election is almost over.  After months of lies, vulgarity, and horror that have caused way too much stress, this election will finally be over Tuesday. (Or, so we hope.) But, if Madame Clinton prevails, will The Donald accept the loss? This is the big question. It would be like a bad relationship gone wrong. We’ve all suffered through a man who won’t accept losing you .

What do you do when you have a “Bad Hombre” who won’t accept losing?

A graceful exit isn’t always possible. Yes, in our world, we may be Queens and Princesses and believe our men will be gentlemanly and understanding when the relationship comes to an end. But, our world isn’t always the reality we have to live in. And, even princesses can find themselves romantically involved with toads, fools, buffoons, and idiots to name a few.

SuzyKnew!’s advice is always stay a lady when dealing with a man who refuses to let you go. But, be firm – and be safe.  We are just finishing October – domestic violence month. So Suzy knows violence can happen.  Like, Hillary we are all vulnerable to being targets of violence.

According to the Griot, five Republican politicians have called for the murder of Hillary, by hanging or gunshot. Trump supporters are openly calling for civil war, violent revolution and assassination if the GOP nominee — who may not accept the election results — loses.

So, ladies, be prepared and stay strong. Stay positive. We’ll get through this just like we got through our last bad relationship.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Beast.