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Don’t Let Halloween Night Turn You Into A Pumpkin: How Emergency Contraception Works


It’s Halloween!

Frankenstein might scare you at first, but, he could go from being your nightmare to the man of your dreams, sweeping you off your feet after midnight. Fear of letting go could give way to fear of  blowing up into a pumpkin and producing little Frankensteins.

SuzyKnew is here to remind you you have up to 5 days to get some emergency contraceptions to prevent this nightmare from happening. But, taking emergency contraception as soon as possible increases the likelihood of it working. Increasingly popular, emergency contraception also called “the morning after pill” is easier to find.

How does it work?

What’s the science behind it?

Here’s one of the most viewed explanations on youtube:


Will your morning after Halloween be frightful… or delightful?