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Facebook And Social Media Allow Fake News And Alt-Right Harassment But Block Reproductive Health Promotion

Ladies, by now you’ve heard all about how Facebook, Twitter and social media have spread fake news and allowed harassment by the self-proclaimed ‘alt-right” to go unchecked. There’s the attack on Saturday Night Live sista’ Leslie Jones. And, just this week a man with an assault rifle busted his way into pizzeria Comet Ping Pong  and shot up the place because of fake news he had heard. Now, social media is beginning to change their tune. They’re revoking Twitter rights and rethinking it all.  And, Hillary has been showing leadership by exposing the dangers of fake news.

But, what you probably haven’t heard a lot about is how social media and Facebook block ads and information on reproductive and sexual health.

To advance sexual and reproductive health for ladies of color, SuzyKnew! advertises on Facebook. Around one-third of SuzyKnew!’s ads are rejected because the content is considered inappropriate. We are not alone. In 2015, several articles came out about how social media is preventing the spread of safe sex and reproductive health messages by classifying their language as inappropriate   The Atlantic exposed the challenges health organizations are facing trying to use social media to increase safe sex, and Slate showed how Facebook has blocked ads for vaginal health devices. In general, these sites don’t like you to use the word “vagina.” Click here for more information on Facebook and Twitter ad policies.

What is lost is the irony of the situation. Social media has had no problem in promoting chaos, mayhem and untold harm to society, perhaps especially to women of color like Leslie. But, they claim they’re protecting society by keeping “inappropriate content” that is clearly for advancing health and improving quality of life off their sites. If they’re ready to change their tune about fake news and harassment, they need to change their tune about blocking the advancement of sexual and reproductive health.

Ladies, can you join SuzyKnew! When you see this hypocrisy point it out.

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Hillary, Put Your War Paint On!

Ladies, these days Miss Hillary is going around with little or no makeup. At her first public appearance and speech after conceding the election (even though she won the popular vote!), Hillary appeared with her new look at the Children’s Defense Fund. This is where Hillary started her career, and we hope the new look isn’t a bad sign or exit.

Hillary Clinton speaks to the Children’s Defense Fund in Washington, U.S., November 16, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts
Hillary Clinton speaks to the Children’s Defense Fund in Washington, U.S., November 16, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Of course, Hillary’s critics said she looked bad and shouldn’t speak in public without make-up. But, a lot of these people are “haters” and would criticize anything Hillary did to her appearance. So, how can you take their remarks seriously?  Then, there were Hillary’s ardent supporters, who applauded her make-up free look. They say Hillary shouldn’t be expected to wear make-up and people should focus on what she says instead of her looks.

Yes, that’s right! We should listen to what Hillary says (and what women say in general…) and not focus on her looks. That’s why SuzyKnew! says “Hillary, put your war paint on!”  There is a battle ahead of us. The big change makes people focus on Hillary’s looks (even though they shouldn’t…) and speculate what it all means. Does the change mean Hillary’s stressed or will be she be different, is she going to withdraw from public life, etc…? Those who follow Hillary more closely may know she changes her look from time to time, and the look she had for the campaign took a lot of time and work.   But, for those of us who don’t follow Hillary’s every career move, it’s concerning. And, during these post-election days where anxiety is high, having perhaps the most powerful woman in the country make a drastic change to her looks is disconcerting. Familiarity is comforting and encouraging during these uncertain times.

Plus, Miss Hillary looked g-o-o-d! Strong and upbeat!

Make-up can be empowering for women. For many it gives a woman strength to take control.

Hillary’s message at the Children’s Defense Gala was strong and inspiring: She encouraged us to stay engaged at every level. This is how we will bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice and make the impossible possible.

It will be a battle to achieve justice. It will be a battle to fight for our values.

Ladies, do you have your war paint on?

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Do You Sometimes Feel Like There’s A Witch Hunt After You – Like Hillary Clinton?

Ladies, it’s Halloween. Time for trick or treat. But, if you’re a trail-blazing, visionary lady – especially a Sista’ – you may be dealing with more tricks than treats, like Hillary. The latest trickery the presidential candidate is confronting is the FBI Director saying he found some new emails that need investigating.  Really? At this late date?

Now, doesn’t this sound like the same foolishness we have to deal with on a regular basis? So much so we sometimes feel like we’re being hunted – like a witch.

Remember watching Hillary’s face during the debates while she waited patiently for The Donald to finish his nonsensical rant – most of which were lies and all delivered with arrogance and hubris. Written on Hillary’s face was, “You mean I graduated from Yale Law School just to deal with this buffoon?”

Yes, ladies, many of us have to deal with buffoons. And, they can get nasty, if you sparkle too much. We know that feeling.  There you are doing your stuff, making your magic, when someone with half your experience or knowledge starts spewing nonsense and steals your thunder.  This could be at work, in your ‘hood, or even in your family! And the next thing you know you’re being hunted like a witch.

Yes, some people really believe Hillary is a witch (Google it.)  Back during her Arkansas days, Hillary would meet in Los Angeles once a month with a group of women that one Washington insider said was a “part of a witches’ church.

We feel you, Hillary. And we’re here to say “Stay strong, Sista'”

And, dear you gentle SuzyKnew! reader, don’t lose your sparkle. Keep making your magic. Enjoy your Halloween. Forget all the tricks people may have played on you during the year and treat yourself to thrills and fun.


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