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Juvia’s Place Makeup

Ladies, if you haven’t heard about Juvia’s Place, you’re in for a treat. I’m not really into makeup but a couple of weekends ago I was in Miami celebrating a friend’s birthday and her sister, who had on gorgeous eye makeup, showed me some fascinating videos about Juvia’s Place.  So, this is not a paid or sponsored post. I was just mesmerized by how much went into achieving a certain look with makeup and how Black women are “slaying it” on the YouTube makeup tutorial front. If you are familiar with Juvia’s Place, I hope I’ve found some of your favorite tutorials.

Founded by a Nigerian American, Juvia’s Place has really exploded and is only available online. Used by Black and non-Black women (and men) all over the world, Juvia’s Place is booming. The makeup is known for its vibrant colors that are easy to use and flattering for dark skin.

There are many makeup tutorials out there in YouTube land. But, Juvia’s Place stands out as many YouTube women are featuring it in their tutorials. Some of these sistas’ have some serious channels – take a look.  SuzyKnew! could get “political” about makeup but today we are just going to enjoy it. Here are a few of the more vibrant and shorter tutorials.

Photo credit: BrownGirlSwatches.com

From Fumi’s channel

Here’s one from Tae’s channel:

and from Shantel: