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Fertility Friday: What Does A Normal Period Look Like?

Lisa Hendrickson Jack

Meet Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, a fertility awareness educator based in Toronto, and the founder of Fertility Friday.  Lisa’s on a mission to share the knowledge she believes every Sista’ should have been taught about her body back in junior high sex ed class. Her goal is to deepen your understanding of the connection between your fertility and your health, and to transform your relationship with your body and your fertility one period at a time!

Today, SuzyKnew! shares one of Fertility Friday’s podcasts: What Does A Normal Period Look Like?  CLICK HERE

In this special solo episode, Lisa addresses some common menstruation questions. Unfortunately, periods aren’t talked about enough so, often times, women never truly understand what a normal period is supposed to like. Lisa gets asked questions about this topic time and time again by the women in the various programs and groups she runs. She realized, if they have these questions, it’s likely you do as well. In addition to this episode,

Topics discussed in this episode includes:

  • How long does a normal period last and what is the bleeding pattern like?
  • How hormonal contraceptives impact your period
  • Is the period you have on the pill a real one?
  • How does a menstrual cup change your relationship with your period?
  • Variations of blood colors and what they may indicate
  • What are natural ways to improve your cycle?
  • What does the amount of blood say about your health and your hormonal profile?
  • Researching your Endometrial lining and how well it is developed
  • Focusing on your cycle and taking the time to learn about your body
  • How intimately connected your cycles are with your health
  • How does your cycle change after coming off hormonal contraceptives?


Lisa has also written a blog post about this topic called How Much Am I Supposed to Bleed During My Period.