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What Lesbian Sexual Relationships Can Teach You About Your Libido

Apparently, sex among lesbians isn’t as boring as many people imagine.  Many think for lesbians it’s not about the sex or that sex dies out quickly once the relationship is sealed.

Well, this is a myth. Not only are lesbians enjoying sexual relations, they seem to be having orgasms more than their heterosexual and bisexual sisters.

New studies on orgasm rates among single women indicate lesbians orgasm around 75%  of the time with familiar partners while women in long-term heterosexual or bisexual relationships orgasm only 62% and 58% percent of the time respectively. Of course, men’s sexual pleasure is the most stable. In heterosexual and homosexual relationships, men orgasm 85% of the time and men experience orgasm 78% of the time in bisexual relationships.

What does this say about women’s libido in long-term relationships? When a man and woman couple up, they’re both pretty feisty in the beginning. But, after some months or years go by, the man’s sexual desire usually remains the same while the woman’s may taper off. Why doesn’t this happen in same sex female relationships? Why do lesbian women keep on orgasming through the years while the other ladies peter out? What keeps the connection and sexual desire piping hot? More research is needed. While orgasm may not be the goal of the sexual encounter and does not necessarily equate with overall satisfaction, understanding the demographic factors that may determine orgasm can help us all keep it sexy – and healthy.