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Foxy News Ladies Are Outfoxed

Fox News has a problem with sexual harassment. Oh, really?  I figured that out many years back when I stumbled across the program one day and saw cheap, tacky women babbling out the news. Their ridiculous outfits and over done make-up screamed “Hanky panky is going on over here!!’

I don’t have a TV in my house.  I watch TV when I visit my mom, who, by the way, refuses to allow Fox news on in her home.  So, I have to sneak and watch Fox News (to see what the other side is claiming…) and have never watched the news program for long periods of time. (Full disclosure.) From my quick glimpses, I was always dumbfounded as to why the station would ask women to parade around like hussies and why the women would accept this. Hadn’t they seen Christiane Amanpour, Melissa Harris-Perry, Gwen Ifil, Kristie Lu Stout, Robin Roberts, Fredrika Whitfield to name just a few stellar female newscasters who consistently deliver the news with panache and style?  I could never hear what these Fox women were saying or pay attention to their names because I was too busy staring at them shocked, thinking to myself, “Why are her titties hanging out like that?”  “Can’t she find a dress to cover her skinny legs and scrawny behind? She looks awful!” Or, “Who piles on make up like that unless they’re going out clubbing?” and, “Who takes that woman seriously?”  I never bothered to learn their names because I understood from their baby talk voices and  tawdry clothing these women wanted me to gawk at them – and not listen to what they were saying.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in noticing that something was clearly (wrong) going on at this station. Articles in the Atlantic, Huffington Post, and other media outlets pointed out Fox News’ insistence on glammed up news girls. Youtube is jammed packed with videos showcasing Fox News girls’ legs. One man – Daniel Gilbert – has a channel dedicated to showcasing female newscasters’ legs especially at Fox.


And now all these women are coming forwarded claiming sexual harassment against all the big names at Fox -first Roger Ailes and now Bill O’Reilly.  Women are sharing that they were forced to wear short skirts and high heels at Fox; Jedediah Bila revealed on The View Fox’s specific dress code forbidding pants. Not to slut shame or blame the victim, but were these women really surprised when they looked down and saw Bill or Roger’s hand on their exposed boob? How long did they think they could “deliver the news” before they got felt up?

I’m sure little girls watching Fox News understand a “career” at Fox News is similar to a career as a poll dancer with the same risks and work hazards.

But, I will boycott any advertiser supporting this mess and encourage you, Ladies, to do the same.

Let the house of cards fall where it may.


North Romney? Why Can’t Kanye West’s Daughter Marry Mitt Romney’s Grandson

Recently, MSNBC talk-show host Melissa Perry-Harris had the whole country in an uproar following her museful comment that maybe Mitt Romney’s Black grandson would grow up to marry rap singer Kanye West’s daughter North West. Mitt’s grandson Kieran, which means “black,” was prominently featured on the Romney 2013 family Christmas card, which never includes the entire Romney clan because they’re so large.  Many found Perry-Harris’ remark mean-spirited, insensitive to people who have adopted interracially,  or inappropriate because it involved children who are innocent of their parents’ political follies.

But, why can’t North West marry Mitt Romney’s Black grandson?  And why do people find it offensive for suggesting the union?

Kieran and North West

Isn’t North West good enough for Kieran? Are people suggesting that Black women aren’t appropriate mates for Black children adopted into white families, especially prominent families like the Romneys?  Have Americans become so “classist” – in addition to racist – that suggesting marriage between the two can only be seen as a political joke at best and just plain wrong at worst?

Over the last few years, much has been written about large numbers of Black women in the US never marrying and the fact many American men prefer to marry any woman but an African-American one.  Nightline and Oprah came out with their pieces a few years back. Just a few months ago, an article entitled Today’s Non-News: Man Won’t Date Black Women appeared on the Root. While interracial marriage among Black Women and non-Black men have increased in the States, it remains uncommon, prompting some African-American women partnered with white men to devote blogs to the issue such Beyond Black and White.

Melissa Harris-Perry was right for raising the issue. Maybe she was hinting only at the political aspects of the Romney Christmas card. But, her remark touched a nerve in those of us who find hypocrisy in the argument that there is nothing wrong with interracial adoption but there is something offensive to suggest that the “precious interracially adopted baby” may marry someone from his own background.

For all of you Baby Norths out there.  Remember you are precious, lovely, and deserve to marry the man who values and loves you the most – whoever his parents may be!


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