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Do Black Norwegian Women Want To Immigrate To The United States?

During last week’s meeting on immigration, The Donald set off yet another firestorm by asking the rhetorical question why the United States doesn’t have more immigrants from places like Norway?

Child, please… Everyone can answer that question. Newspapers and journalists fell over themselves coming out the woodwork to provide the obvious answer to Trump’s ridiculous question, highlighting how much Trump’s ignorance and buffoonery are holding the US back.  From the Chicago Tribune, The Atlantic, The Independent to, of course, Trump’s foil CNN, information on how life in Norway – especially for women – is so much better than in the US came streaming out.

Named the “Happiest Country” in the world in 2017, Norway has a female prime minister and commitment to gender parity.The 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap ranked Norway the second best country for women when it comes to economics, the workplace, education, politics and health while the US was ranked 49th. Yes. In Norway, everyone gets free healthcare, including contraception, maternal and child care and access to abortion services. This is how they roll. Norwegians also spend a lot of money helping developing countries improve their reproductive health – a lot more of their GDP than the US does. Life is so good in this little country that only 362 Norwegians became legal permanent residents in the United States out of the 1.18 million people who became green card holders in 2016.

But, Norway isn’t as White as Trump or we may think. Around 17 percent of Norwegian residents are immigrants or children of immigrants. What is life like for women of color in Norway? Do they want to come to the United States?

Apparently, Sistas’ are living large in Norway. While there are few native born Blacks and Norway can’t be called completely “racism-free,” Black women, including Black American women, are enjoying their life in Norway.  Happy Sistas’ with happy families living in Scandinavia are posting their stories and pictures on the web.  Look at this Sista’ from Atlanta.


Women of color enjoy the same economic, education and health benefits their White Norwegian Sisters do.

Often viewed as handsome and attracted by Black beauty, Norwegian and Scandinavian men are interested in dating and marrying Black women. In fact, if you’d like to find your own Scandinavian prince for marriage and possible life in Norway, take a look at this dating site.

So, whether you are from what Trump calls a #S—-hole country or a Black woman in the US dealing with Trump’s #S—, you may want to look at your options for living your best life.