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Yesterday at around 10:30 in the morning, Royce* summoned me to his office downtown.  He knew I’d just left an early breakfast meeting and was free until my 2:00 appointment later that afternoon.  Still, I was a little surprised when I got his text telling me to come to his office.

Well, surprised and intrigued.  Because he ended his text with “Be ready to play when you get here.”  For the first time in our entire relationship, Royce wanted to have Office Sex!

Now, before you judge me for my questionable and, at times, absurd behavior, let me come right on out and admit that I love having sex in places where there’s a high probability of getting caught.  That shit turns me on!  I’ve written about some of my adventures before, so if you’re a regular reader of mine, you already know this.  But even I, as adventurous as I am, have some ground rules.  For example, I would never do it where I might be seen by children.

That said, Royce isn’t as into risky sex locations as I am.  Whenever I try to give him road head or movie theatre head, he always shuts me down.  Except for that one time he jacked me off in the parking lot of a grocery store in broad daylight … but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, the prospect of office sex with Royce was all the encouragement I needed to hop my ass on the freeway and head downtown at top speed.

Plus, it had been a while.  21 days in fact.  You see, Royce and I haven’t spent a lot of time together lately because he’s had to travel more than usual for work.  This latest trip kept us apart for 21 days, so I was horny as f%*$!

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I’m about to see Royce, even after all this time.  But, because of the amount of time we’ve spent apart lately, those butterflies in my tummy were working overtime.  So I was nervous and fidgety as I rode the elevator to his 20th floor office suite.

His secretary waved me on in without announcing me, but as soon as I got close, Royce yanked the door open and pulled me inside.  Before I could say a word, he kicked the door closed, slammed me against the nearest wall and kissed me hard.

My man’s kisses still make me swoon, especially when he’s this worked up.  My own arousal spiked as I surrendered to the heat from his lips.  He moaned as he lifted the hem of my skirt above my waist and started to tug at my pantyhose.  Tearing my mouth away from his, I reached down to help him and stepped out of my heels.  Frustrated, he finally just ripped the hose from my body and tossed them to the floor.  The nylon stung a little, making me even hotter.

Not bothering to remove my panties, he just reached inside and possessively took hold of my pussy.  His fingers felt so good, I lost my balance for a second.  I wanted to reach down and undo his pants, but I couldn’t from my position.  Agitated, I pulled away from his mouth and said, “Please hurry!  Fuck me now!”

Royce growled as he finally pulled out his throbbing dick.  Then, holding me tightly, he lifted one of my legs with one hand, braced himself against the wall with the other, and shoved himself deep inside me.  And even though I was drenched, I still cried out because he was so thick and long, I felt like I was being impaled.

He felt good, but I couldn’t really get any leverage to move on my own.  All I could do is take what he was giving me.

Royce sounded savage as he grunted and pounded his way to satisfaction.  His kisses became bites on my lips, my neck, and my shoulders.  My man needed this fast, hard fuck against the wall, and frankly, so did I.  And I could already tell it wouldn’t last too much longer.

When Royce exploded, he kept me pinned against the wall for several moments while he caught his breath.

“I’m sorry,” He began, still panting.

I shook my head and didn’t let him finish.  “Don’t be.  I needed that.”

“I want to make you cum,” His voice was barely above a whisper.  “Give me a minute.”

I was still so aroused while I waited for Royce to catch his breath, I could barely breathe myself.  He finally pulled his softening dick out and lowered my leg so that I was standing on my own two feet again.  Then he led me over to the couch on the other side of his office, and gently sat me down.

He knelt in front of me and smiled as he slowly unbuttoned and removed my blouse.  I leaned forward so that he could unhook my bra.  I moaned when he finally took one of my nipples into his mouth.  Then he started kissing me again, but kept squeezing one breast with one hand, while the other reached for my clit.  His touch sent an electric current through my body that left me trembling.

“You want me to use my hand or my tongue, Baby?”  Did he even have to ask?

“Your tongue.”  Duh.

He lifted my legs to his shoulders and started with soft little kisses on my inner thighs.  And then, deciding not to prolong my agony, he went right for my pussy.  Royce has this little trick he does when he wants to rush my orgasm orally.  He creates a suction field around my clit that’s airtight.  And just when I get close, he uses the hardened tip of his tongue to flick the tip of my clit in a bold, rhythmic pattern.  It pushes me over the edge every time.

This time was no exception.  In mere seconds, he had me clutching his head and bucking my hips.  His lips and tongue were relentless and before I knew it, a powerful orgasm tore through my body like a cyclone.  I think I screamed.

I don’t know how long I stayed like that: half on, half off the couch, legs wide open, panties shoved to the side of my dripping, swollen pussy, fighting to catch my breath.  But when I finally opened my eyes, Royce was still kneeling before me, pants around his ankles, tie all askew with a smug grin on his face.

“Welcome home,” I smiled.

“And what a welcome it was, too!”

I’ll never be able to look his secretary in the eye again, but it was totally worth it.

Have you ever had Office Sex?  How’d you like it?  Did you get caught?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Photo Source: Instagram. By coseyphoto. Models: @mikeisha_j and @balikemula_22

*Royce isn’t his government name.  Names are always changed to protect the not-so-innocent.