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How To Get A Valentine Like Peyton Manning

Everyone’s talking about Peyton Manning, the quarterback on the winning the Superbowl team. And, everyone’s thinking about Valentine’s Day, only a day away. Putting the two together, we know there are ladies out there – sista’s included- wondering what it would take to get a man like Peyton Manning for a Valentine.

After a quick (and admittedly superficial) look at the landscape of Peyton’s life and the woman he married  here’s what SuzyKnew! speculates it would take:

  • A push up bra and make-up that stays on all day. Blond hair, long legs and a 24/7 gym regimen, too. Looking at Ashley, Peyton’s wife, it’s clear Peyton likes a sculpted bosom, almost like the one Barbie has. And he likes a woman who keeps her make-up together. And, please: no bulges. Your schedule needs to include daily visits to the gym, working with a highly qualified trainer, of course. We won’t even begin to speculate what the botox or facial peel visits might be. Football players and other sportsmen work hard to get their bodies 100%. So, it’s no big surprise they may have big expectations for their women.
  • Deep pockets, business acumen and bold ambition – These days it’s not just women who can be gold diggers. Men like gold, too. Ashley has “ca-CHING$$.” Celebrity Net Worth puts Ashley Thompson Peyton’s wealth at $20 million. The woman also has ambition. She opened her own real estate development firm soon after getting her undergrad degree in the late 1990’s. Not stopping there and showing her interest in men who play sports, the lady acquired minority ownership in her hometown basketball team the Memphis Grizzlies. But, Ashley is reported to be private (Who has time for all those social and celebrity events when you’ve got businesses to run?) spending a lot of time on charities, including raising money for breast cancer. So, ladies, a Peyton Manning Valentine means keeping the money flowing and your looks up – Don’t skip those hair appointments! Nobody wants to see your dark (and nappy…) roots. It also means charity events – if not social events.
  • Thick skin and the ability to forgive unfaithfulness – A NFL football player will play. And, he will play hard on the field and off. Peyton Manning is no exception; reportedly, he likes his side action, too. Dating a high-profile sportsman means all your business is all over the place – even here at SuzyKnew! which is a pretty innocuous site. Gossip columns will send you to your bedroom crying.  All American-guy Peyton Manning is on The Top 20 Unfaithful Players In the NFL list.  Supposedly, Peyton had a long-term affair with an Indianapolis reporter.  It’s hard keeping an eye on your man when he’s always giving interviews to those pretty lady-reporters. All rumors, of course. But, true or untrue, but, it comes with the territory of luxury dating and marrying.
  • The patience of Job – Not only will you have to contend with other honnies but you’ll have to deal with your man’s drug problem. Sportsmen will dope. Peyton Manning has been accused of using HGH according to Al Jazeera documentary “The Dark Side.”  While these accusations have largely subsided along with rumors of the couple’s imminent divorce, others on one topic or another are bound to surface at some time or another. Only the patience of Job will save you in a high-profile marriage where all issues, problems and temptations are magnified under a spotlight.

Truth be told SuzyKnew! doesn’t know the intimate details of the couple’s relationship. We can only hope it’s one built on true love. But, this Valentine’s Day when you look up at your screen and wish your Valentine were some high-profile man, remember it comes at a high price. True love, the bliss of coupledom, and happiness can be found with any man who truly loves, values and respects you.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo courtesy of Bleacherreport.com