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Emily Thorne Gets Revenge. Can You Get It, Too?

Emily's Revenge

Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp,  in the US TV drama Revenge is quite sexy as she plots and executes revenge against everyone who did her father wrong when she was a child.  We see flashbacks of Emily during her childhood in juvenile detention as a bitter, rage-filled, dark-haired kid who can barely function let alone go after any one. This is in stark contrast to the current Emily, a beautiful and seemingly calm, sweet blond who executes her view of justice swiftly with no regrets.  No one guesses that it’s Emily behind all the mishaps and tragedies that take place as she gets revenge. And, she’s pretty good at it, too.

Emily’s main target is Victoria Grayson, an extremely wealthy woman who fell in love with her father and then led him to his downfall when she risked losing everything because of her husband’s ill doings.  To get to Victoria, Emily goes after her son, Daniel, and gets him to fall in love with her.


Ever think about getting revenge this way? Could you overcome the rage and bitterness that injustice has left on you to emerge more beautiful – not to mention intelligent, calm and calculating – to plot revenge? Could you fall in love with your perp’s progeny just to get back at them?

Emily exemplifies the saying: Revenge is a dish best served cold.  But, as we all know, revenge can backfire on you. This season on the TV drama, which airs on Wednesdays, we’ll see if Emily’s revenge goes awry and begins to affect people she actually cares for – namely her childhood crush, because Emily doesn’t really care about many people. Some cracks were beginning to show as the premier season ended.

But, let’s look at this another way: The best revenge is SUCCESS. Emily may have gone a little bit off the rails on her rampage for revenge.  But, you have to give her credit for turning herself into an independently wealthy, beautiful, cunning and calm woman after being locked up for years behind bars during most of her childhood.

Is there a man out there who you believe has ruined your life? Or was it a boss or job?  Or maybe you regret a major life decision.  Take heart and pull yourself together like Emily and go after success. (No comments on how much revenge you should go after.)