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Show Me What Bad Karma Looks Like

Ladies, if you’ve been out protesting lately, you know every so often someone in the crowd pops up and shouts “Show me what democracy looks like!”

And, the crowd roars back, “This is what democracy looks like!”

Well, show me what bad karma looks like:

The passing of ‘Fake News’ Ailes is what bad karma looks like.

Roger E Ailes, the purveyor of fake news at Fox, died an untimely death from hitting his head at his home at the relatively young age of 77 years.

Roger was a man who made a made a pile of money off of fake news stories, offending people (especially black people and women) and his legacy continues to weaken our democracy. Fox News began getting large audiences in the 1990’s when Ailes came on as the news director and ran nonstop stories shaming Monica Lewinsky, a young 24-year old intern at the time, and her relationship with the president. In contrast, but true to its mission of protecting conservatives with loose morals and character flaws, the cable news network downplayed the 2016 story around presidential candidate Trump bragging about this ability to sexually assault women. Instead of offering an intellectually robust conservative view of the news, Ailes peddled sensational journalism that objectified women and demonized blacks, minorities and liberals. From launching Trump’s political career with the lies and racism of the Birtherism movement to promoting the current fake story around the death of democratic party aide, Seth Rich, Ailes and Fox used the cable news network as a platform for misinformation and hate.

Ironically, Ailes was forced to resign last year in the wake of an onslaught of accusations of sexual harassment by female staff. The New York magazine called it “The Revenge of Roger’s Angels.” It took only 15 days to bring down Ailes’ 20-year rule. The law suits shed light on the abuse, corruption and culture of misogyny Ailes had created.

Just last week, the Fox News founder died. The Rolling Stones called Ailes one of the worse Americans – ever.

Ailes was a disservice to democracy.

Ladies, what goes around comes around. Karma knocked at Ailes’ door. Karma will knock at your door.

Keep your Karma good (and your life sexy and healthy).


photo credits: salon.com and New York Times