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The HIV-Killing Condom Is Here… And A HIV-Killing Tampon Is On Its Way…

By now, you have probably heard it’s here: a condom that gives you that extra protection so you can kick back and get your grove on with less worry about infection – and more focus on pleasure.

Condoms with HIV-killing VivaGel® lubricant will be available in Australia in just a few months. Developed by an Australian biotech company, VivaGel kills HIV, other viruses such as HPV and HSV (herpes), as well as your run-of-the-mill STDs.  Such super condoms will be introduced by Ansell,the world’s second largest condom manufacturer, under the brand name  LifeStyles Dual Protect™ After hitting Australia, the condom should come out in Japan and eventually make it to the U.S.

But, did you also know the HIV-Killing tampon is in development, as well? As recently reported by salon.com, a group of University of Washington researchers is developing an HIV-fighting tampon that would dissolve within minutes inside your vagina before sex to fight HIV. But, the novel product is still in clinical trials. It may take five years or more before the feminine product makes it to the shelves in the U.S. and else where in the world.

But, if you plan to use the HIV-killing condoms to get your grove on twice a day for two weeks or more, a critic says the ground-breaking barrier method could cause irritation and inflammation making you more susceptible to HIV and HPV. HPV researcher Anna-Barbara Moscicki, M.D., a pediatrics professor at University of California, San Fransisco reported to The Huffington Post that VivaGel, as an intravaginal cream, caused mild irritation and inflammation in her test subjects. However, the professor’s study used a higher concentration of the drug than the condoms will. 

Equally important to note, VivaGel is also being developed to provide relief for bacterial vaginosis. Vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the normal vaginal bacteria which can produce an unpleasant odor in the genital area.