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Ladies, if you’re lucky enough to have a highly skilled lover, then I’m sure you’ve been where I was last night: I had to take control in the bedroom to remind my Boo who’s boss!

Now before I start getting emails about a woman’s place, feminism and equality let me make it clear that I’m only speaking figuratively.  Like most couples, my relationship with Royce* is a balance of give and take, lead and follow and a whole lot of compromise.  So don’t worry, he’s not a henpecked loser and I’m not a doormat.

That said, I think my frequent sharing of our sexual adventures online has given Royce the big head.  Like most men with serious sexual skills, he knows he’s gifted and is proud of it.  And that’s fine.  ‘Cause there ain’t nothing hotter than a sexually confident man, right?

But I’m not gonna lie.  Royce has gotten pretty cocky lately (pun intended).  He knows my body well and plays me like a maestro.  And I must admit that he’s been hitting it out the park EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!  Please excuse the mixed metaphors, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, last night I needed to remind him that I have skills, too.  He ain’t the only one who can rock somebody’s world!  I can bring it in the bedroom just as well as he can.

So I ambushed him!

But first, I had to trick him.  When Royce got home from work, I was dressed in sweatpants and one of his T-shirts, hanging out on the couch in his living room.  This was usually a sign that we weren’t going to have sex that night.  I could tell he was disappointed, but he didn’t say anything.  He just gave me a quick kiss and headed to the shower.

That’s when I pulled the switch-a-roo on him.  When he walked out of the shower wearing only a towel, he found me reclining on his bed completely naked.  I’d also dimmed the lights, lit a couple of candles and turned on his favorite Latin Jazz station.

“What’s going on?” he asked, walking over to the bed.

“An ambush,” I answered.  And then I reached over, snatched off his towel and pulled him onto the bed.

“What the …”” he stumbled for words as got up on my knees and quickly took him into my mouth.

I love sucking Royce from soft to rock hard!  Feeling his dick grow inside my mouth is so erotic, just thinking about it gets me wet.  But I was on a mission.  As much as I love sucking my guy off, I also needed to prove a point.  So, I gave my man the kind of blow job that makes him shake, shiver and yell my name.

I took him as deep as I could, and only barely gagged when his thick head hit the back of my throat.  I sucked him deep and hard.  Using both my hands, I varied my pace based on his responses.  When my jaws got tired, I turned my attention to his balls and that delicious space beneath his scrotum.  Just when that got really good to him, I went back to sucking, this time with even more vigor and enthusiasm.  Then, when he began to tremble, I put his hand on the back of my head, encouraging him to guide me.  He really loves that!

It was one of the longest and best blow jobs I’ve ever given Royce and I had a blast.  But I didn’t let him cum, though.  I let him get close to the edge, and then I slowly released him from my mouth.

He sat up in protest.  “Why’d you stop?”

“Oh, I’m not done with you, yet,” I assured him.  “But I told you, this is an ambush.  Now shush and let me handle my business!”

I grabbed the condom I’d hidden under the pillow.  In record time, I had it out of the package on onto his throbbing dick.  Then using more force than he expected, I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top.  He was so aroused, he was shaking.  But he smiled and said, “Yes, Ma’am!”

I watched his face as I slowly lowered myself onto his thick cock.  His nostrils flared from his efforts to hold himself still.  Bracing my hands on his abs, I slowly let him fill me.  He moaned “My God!  You feel so damned good!”

“Better than my mouth?”  I teased.

“Don’t make me answer that,” he said as I finally started to move.

When I started in on my “long-stroke and squeeze” move (which I usually save for closer to the end), he hissed.  “How about now?”  I asked.  “Is it better than my mouth now?”

He didn’t (or couldn’t) answer.  And so, I kept riding him, teasing him with my inner muscles until I hit my stride.  He watched me with awe as I bounced on him hard, and I gave him quite a show.  I played with my breasts, added a little twist to my hips and begged him to slap my ass.  Finally unable to stop himself, he grabbed my hips in an effort to take control.

“Uh-uh,” I said, knocking his hands away and really going at it.  “Let me do this!”

“Damn, Sophia,” he breathed.  “I don’t know how much longer I can last!”

But he did last, and I made the most of my control over him.  I kept up a steady rhythm, but changed the pace just enough to keep him on edge.  Then I grabbed his hands and put them on my breasts.  He knew exactly what to do.

“You like when I squeeze ‘em don’t you?”  His voice was so deep and raspy with tension it made me grind on him even harder.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, watching the way his eyes flickered in the candlelight.  His nostrils flare again as I shifted my angle and leaned a little closer to him.

“Oh, Sophia,” he gasped through clenched teeth.  He arched his back and closed his eyes.

“Open your eyes,” I said enjoying the control I had over him.   “Look at me!  Watch me make you cum!”

He opened his eyes and they seared me with heat.  Releasing my breasts, he grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me so hard I almost fell off him.  This time I let him take control, even though I knew I was still in charge.

“That’s it,” I said, holding onto his forearms for balance.  “Take it!  Fuck me!”

“I’m about to cum!”  He groaned, biting his bottom lip.  “Fuck this feels so good!”

“Don’t cum until I tell you to,” I said.  I could barely talk myself, though.  He’d angled his hips just so and was hitting my spot with alarming precision.

“Can’t help it,” he said through clenched teeth.  “I can’t stop!”

I couldn’t either.  Giving in to my own orgasm, I threw my head back and rode wave after wave of pleasure.  In the middle of my bliss, Royce’s climax ripped through his body.  My vision was blurry, but I watched as he completely surrendered to his release.  Every muscle in his body tensed.  The cords in his neck looked like they’d burst wide open and his abs rippled with strain.

His explosion seemed to go on forever.

After a few seconds, Royce pulled me onto his chest in a tight embrace.  I could hear his heart racing even though he was panting, fighting to get air into his neglected lungs.  As I could feel him soften inside me, he moaned “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” over and over again.  Then he fell silent.

Royce didn’t say anything until after he’d removed and disposed of the condom, and pulled me back into his arms.  Then he kissed me lightly on my forehead and whispered “You are amazing, Sophia.”

I know, right?

*Royce isn’t his government name, of course.  I always change the name and a few details to protect the not-so-innocent.