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Valentines For Your Vagina And Other Not-So-Sexy Valentine Ideas

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day yet again.  That once-a-year day devoted to love, flowers, and of course, chocolate.

We hope your day is full of all of this (love, flowers, and chocolate). But, chances are you’ll run into a few not so sexy and somewhat creepy Valentine ideas, as well. Hopefully, these rude encounters won’t happen to you personally or won’t take all the good feelings out of  your day.  Maybe they’ll even put a smile on your face or make you chuckle.

Here are a few Valentine ideas we found not-so-sexy.

1. Valentines for your vagina aka vajazzling or the panty gram. Vajazzling (click here for the official site) is putting glitter and/or jewels all around the trim. It can be tastefully done and quite sexy.  But, the key is to keep it minimal and suggestive. If you go hog wild, you can end up looking like a 5-year old who has lost control over her sparkles and glue.

Below is a picture from Sendapantygram.com, featured in Cosmopolitan and other magazines. This nifty service allows you or your man to send  a skimpy panty thong as a promise of what is yet to come.   Talk about not so subtle.  And, we’re sure most of us would look adorable in this panty, too.  For those ladies who can hoist this string over their buttocks (let alone their thighs), they would have a cute little heart around the ole cha cha. N-i-c-e…




2.  A price tag for your vagina.  Ever wonder how much your vagina costs? According to Jezebel, it costs $218. That is on Valentine’s Day.  The online group, famous for provocative feminist thought, offered this very romantic article on how much men budget for Valentine’s Day in hopes of doing the watusi with you after the Valentine date and presents.   And, yes, the realpolitick group found that it costs a man more if his love object is single.  The man will get off paying only $180 for his Valentine’s Day romp if he’s in a committed relationship – but not married – with the woman. A married woman’s vagina costs more.

3. Cheap gifts. Don’t you just hate cheap Valentine’s Day gifts?  Well, lucky for us there is a dollar store that tries to give advice on how to buy a “better” cheap Valentine’s gift. For example, the ad suggests that a chocolate rose in a box or a live flowering plant would be a lot better than a “bad choice” such as anti-wrinkle patches or butt aid. Go figure.

Bad valentine's

Ladies, we hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with friends, family, and special loved ones.  Valentine’s Day is special and it’s for everyone. Enjoy it. But, if you do have a romantic evening planned, get sexy suggestions for your Valentine night from ASK JANICE: Six Steps For A Hot Valentine’s Day Date.

Happy Valentine’s Day!