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It Sounds Dopey But Dopamine Is Key To Doing It More

Ladies, sometimes we aren’t in the mood for sex. When this happens occasionally we aren’t too worried. But, when it happens a lot or when we aren’t into sex as much as our man or our desire wanes after time alarm bells may go off.

Why don’t we feel as sexy as we used to? Like when we first met our man?  Passionate love-making may last only 6 to 12 months until it begins to feel routine, especially without some kinda change. While our love and commitment for our husband may grow over time, our passion may cool.

Why is this?

Blame it on dopamine, a neurotransmitter – or brain chemical – in our brain. Less dopamine means less arousal and more dopamine gets our juices flowing. When we fall madly in love the dopamine levels in our brains rise. We can’t stop thinking about the person.  The sex is great. But, as time goes by and regular life and routine kick back in, the level of dopamine in our brain returns to normal.

How can we reignite the sexual fire – get the vajayjay roaring again?  Novelty. Yes, all those dopey ideas like doing things together, wearing sexy lingerie and using new sex toys increase your dopamine levels and can lead to a more passionate sex life, according to Psychology Today.  In his Psychology Today blog All About Sex, Michael Castleway explains the role of dopamine in breaking out of sexual ruts.  He sites one experiment involving  28 couples that explored their feelings for each other before and after completing either tedious or new and exhilarating activities together.  The couples involved in the exciting activity reported greater relationship satisfaction, and said they felt more passionately in love. The psychologist credits the novelty-induced spike in dopamine for their passionate feelings.

Keep it sexy!

Keep it healthy!