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Experience Female Ejaculation!


Female ejaculation – a warm fluid that can shoot out during the height of a woman’s orgasm – is a hot and controversial topic. Can you experience it? Not everyone agrees that it’s possible.

Female ejaculation is different from vaginal lubrication which is produced when a woman is aroused.  It’s a much more powerful – and yes orgasmic – sensation that happens to 10% to 50% of all women according to the Babble Out. Some say all women can have this experience. In Central Africa, female ejaculation is considered to be a secret ancestoral practice called Kunyaza. The practice leads women to have multiple orgams and female ejaculation.

YourTango.com published an article about how the world would be a better place if women ejactulated more. The key is to let yourself orgasm and then wait to push yourself to a greater height of pleasure. Apparently, science believes that the only purpose for females to ejaculate fluid, which can be as much as 1 pint in volume, is sheer pleasure. And, no, Ladies, this fluid is not from temporary urinary incontinence during sex.

Have you experienced female ejaculation?  If so, tell SuzyKnew your experience. If you haven’t experienced this and want to try, look into a few informational and how-to books on Amazon.com, such as Female Ejaculation: The Complete Guide to Squirting and Female Ejaculation – It’s Real.

Happy squirting!