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What Makes Great Sex Possible?

What makes great sex possible?

I ran across this age-old question while going through my yahoo inbox. Luckily, YourTango.com has a ton of relationship experts to help me (and you) answer this question. According to marriage and couples counselors Carista Luminaire, PhD and  Lion Goodman, to have great sex, you need to feel safe and secure. This applies more to women but to men as well.

This makes sense, right? During our 20’s we’re lusty and randy. Often we don’t make great decisions regarding life partners and relationships. Sex can be random and focused on fulfilling physical needs. But, as we mature into our 30’s, 40’s and older, physical and emotional security become more important factors in our sexuality. The article asserts that most women can’t share their minds or bodies with someone they don’t trust. But, we ooze and drip with passion once the trust and safety factors kick in. These are good points to keep in mind.

I also ran across an interesting article on the Discovery Channel about how cats adore and manipulate women. I think the two articles are related,don’t you? We’ve all heard how women can become unnaturally attached to their cats. Single women over 37.5 years old with a cat or two are quickly dubbed “Cat Ladies.” What woman can resist all that purring and adoration?

I guess if you open up your heart and let down your guard, some “cat” will walk in.

Whant wah…