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Two SuzyKnew Readers. One Free Trojan Vibrator

Who knew that the free vibrator samples I picked up at the recent BlogHer ’12 conference would cause such a stir among readers.  I actually managed to snare two Trojan Tri-phoria vibrators which retail around $40.  By the way, Trojan research puts its annual revenue for its new pleasure devices in the United States at around $1 billion, or 2.5 times that of condoms.  Apparently, ensuring ladies’ pleasure is quite profitable.

So, I decided to give one of these goodies away free to the first reader who contacted me. But, you ladies were too shy to email me. So, I went out to hunt you down.

The first SuzyKnew reader I talked to was very interested in getting her hands on a Trojan pleasure machine. She’s an avid Adam and Eve fan.  But, she had been disappointed with her recent purchase. During her last raid on the store, she was expecting to find the latest and greatest in vibrator technology. But, the local chain had run out of the good stuff, and she settled on a vibrator that seemed second rate to her. I know this because I was with her on this late night spending spree and helped her select her new toy after 3 hours of looking at every single item the store offered.

“It didn’t do what it said would do, ” was what she told me the next day.  She was very disappointed. So, the Trojan vibrations product arrived just in time. But, after inspecting the packaging and reading the claims, she didn’t look as thrilled as she sounded when I first told her about the possibility of actually owning one. The Triphoria comes with 2 attachments that can fit on the head, which I didn’t think added much value. I think Trojan would be better off providing a basic vibrator and maybe one additional attachment and lowering the price to be more competitive.

Then later on in the week, I brought the free sample to a second reader’s house. It was her daughter’s 5th birthday.  Surprised to see that she was getting a “personal massager” – as Trojan calls its vibrators in order to mainstream them and get them on TV advertising – she shrieked with joy. She grabbed the vibrator out of my hand and held it up for all the parents to admire.  Her husband was quite pleased and gave me a wink.  Right then and there I knew that this reader was the woman who most deserved to own a new Trojan.

I haven’t checked in yet to find out if the product has lived up to all its claims.

I am pretty impressed though with how Trojan has seemed to effortlessly slide into the women’s pleasure market – even getting ads on TV –  after years of  focusing solely on making condoms more pleasurable for men. It’s a decent product. Just a little on the expensive side when compared to products of similar quality.

If you have tried the Trojan vibrations product and have any comments you’d like to share, please let us know.