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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Because we have to “hold it down”, raise the kids, work harder than anyone only to still be paid less, keep the home, give our all to the church, plan the marches and protests (then feed all the marchers and protestors and clean up after them) … and look damned good doing it.  Sophia Ned-James July 2017


SuzyKnew! is joining Walker’s Legacy to highlight Black Women’s Equal Pay Day on July 31, 2017

Apri 4, 2017, was National Women’s Equal Pay Day, which represents the extra labor time required to close the wage gap experienced by women to that of their white male counterparts – 78 cents to every $1, respectively. For African American women the income gap is even wider, 60 cents to the dollar representing an additional approximately six month of extra work to reach wage parity.  For more on Walker’s Legacy click here.