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The Real Meaning Behind Melania’s Message On Her $39 Zara Jacket

Ladies, SuzyKnew! is here to bring you the real news about the first lady – straight, with no chaser. Everyone is asking why Melania went off to Texas to visit migrant children separated from their families at the border wearing a $39 jacket from Zara with graffiti proclaiming “I really don’t care, do u?” What does the writing mean? Why would Melania wear something so insensitive (and so low-priced and proletarian?), making her look like she doesn’t care about the children? Wasn’t it Melania (and Ivanka) who finally convinced The Donald to change his policy around separating children from parents caught trying to cross the border illegally? Isn’t Melania the one who’s been talking about protecting children from cyberbulling, promoting #BeBest and all?

Well, SuzyKnew! has a few thoughts about the message on Melania’s jacket. So, let’s get started. You have to keep in mind that Melania is all about Melania. Nothing else. Sure, she says she has a heart for children. But, Melania’s primary focus is on herself, what she’s going through and what she’s feeling. This has been made clear many times like when she showed up separately from her husband at his first state of the union dressed in Hillary-Clinton white, after finding out her husband had slept with porn star, Stormy. Clearly, Melania wasn’t thinking about how to make her husband feel good. Or, when she constantly pushes her husband’s hand away when he reaches out to her in public.

The message on the $39 Zara jacket isn’t about how Melania feels about the unaccompanied children locked up in jail-like cells.

  1. The message is about Melania being tired of her husband’s overbearing ways. There was definitely some spat that took place between Melania and her husband that prompted Melania to don a jacket like this so that she could announce her feelings to him and the world.  Did The Donald leave the toilet seat up for the 100th time and when he tried to apologize to his fair lady, she gave him a sharp look and donned the jacket announcing she really doesn’t care, and knows he doesn’t either.  Or, maybe, Trump told his wife not to go down to the border with all the reporters and stir up trouble, giving his critics ammunition against his policies by pointing out that even his wife is against him. And, in response, Melania defiantly told him she was definitely going to Texas to visit the kids whether he liked it or not, and she doesn’t care what he thinks and doesn’t believe he really cares either. And after spitting this out in his face, Melania whipped out the jacket and ran out the door to catch her plane.
  2. Melania is expressing her feelings about her marriage. Stormy put a hurtin on the first couple. But, who doesn’t love Stormy? We love Stormy! But, of course, we know Melania doesn’t. And she hates that awful Karen McDougal, who talks like she’s Miss America and poses nude in Playboy and then says she had to break up with Melania’s husband because her mother wouldn’t like her dating a married man (but her mother wouldn’t mind all her nude photo shoots, right- ?!)  How embarrassing for the first lady to go through all these scandals! So public.  And the only way to take a break is to stay away from public events and the media, but who can do that forever? SuzyKnew! is sure Melania told Donald she’s upset that he’s disrespecting their marriage in such a public way and she’d like to be more visible and show support for things she cares about like vulnerable children, but her marriage is in such a wreck she doesn’t know what to do. We’re also betting that when The Donald heard this he told Melania, “Look. You’re a washed up model who’s getting up there in age and I’m the President. I don’t need you making scenes by pushing my hand away when I try be affectionate and show the American people what a good husband I am or now going down there to see those illegal children. Stay home where you belong and support me.”  After hearing this, Melania shouted, “Donald, this presidency stuff is wrecking our marriage! But, I’m so over it.” And, at that Ladies, Melania put on her jacket telling her husband, “I really don’t care, do u?” and ran out the door.
  3. The message is for all the people who keep asking about her whereabouts and why she isn’t behaving like a normal first lady.  We all know Melania isn’t into being the first lady. She’s like never around and frequently looks sullen and unhappy. We also know that Melania was a model and has a very public image, but, she is also very private, especially post election.  So, maybe the message is really for us, the American people, and the “fake” media as The Donald tried to put out there in his tweets. Melania is trying to say she doesn’t care what people are saying about her or where she does or doesn’t go.
  4. Or maybe, Melania just doesn’t care… about the children, about her husband, about the media, the country or anything for that matter…  And, if this is the case, we, the American people, really should care.


Photo credits: Getty Images