5 Things To Remember From Easter

Even if you didn’t celebrate Easter last week, we can all have hope from the Easter, which marks resurrection and renewal. Here are 5 important takeaways from Easter taken loosely from Crosswalk.com.

  1. We are loved God loves us. His love cannot be undone.  God’s love for us is not hesitant or begrudging. He loves us freely and willingly
  2. We are not alone – Often, we think God has abandoned us or that He doesn’t care about our struggles and the pain we experience. But, we cannot forget that God knows our sorrows and grief.
  3. We can rest – God offers us rest.  Everything needed for us to experience peace with God and have eternal life … is already accomplished. We are not required to do any work to help make it happen. Salvation is a gift from God. It is not based on what we do for God, but on what Jesus did for us.
  4. We can be hopeful – Death doesn’t have the final word. Sin and suffering don’t have the final word. Politics and pandemics don’t have the final word.
  5. We can keep going – Even in these troubling, confusing times – when you just want to give up and call it quits–we can keep going because God keeps us going.P
  6. Photo credits: Waterloo-Cedar Courrier