Fertility Computer Or Fertility Charting – Which Is Right For You?

In this podcast interview with “Fertility Friday” host Lisa Jack, we discuss many of the common questions that can arise about using technology such as the Daysy fertility computer for fertility awareness practice; for planning or preventing pregnancy.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • How the Daysy fertility computer works with a 99.3% accuracy
  • How we’re supporting women who want to use Daysy by partnering with women’s health experts
  • How Daysy helps women in choosing to come off the Pill when they want, to avoid unwanted side effects
  • How Daysy alleviates the burden of responsibility and/or stress for women who want to use natural birth control
  • Daysy as a gateway to learning more about your body and your reproductive health
  • How some women are using Daysy, as well as tracking other fertility signs
  • The importance of meeting women “where they’re at” to strengthen and grow the burgeoning fertility awareness movement
  • How Daysy compares to hormonal birth control in terms of convenience and simplicity
  • How Daysy differs from charting apps and why a fertility computer works better for some women
  • Issues of privacy and personal data with “free” charting apps
  • How Daysy compares to and can rival the IUD
  • The creation of a diverse non-hormonal contraceptives “menu” for women
  • How fertility awareness educators can work with fertility technology

Click here to listen in and post your follow up questions in the comments. For more information read “What You Need To Know About Daysy.”


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Written by on Feb. 5, 2016 in Body Literacy 101, Daysy Knowledge