A Sista’s Guide To A Thankful Thanksgiving During COVID

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, and many of us (hopefully most of us) won’t be gathering with large numbers of family and friends, but spending the day with just a few close people – or maybe even alone.  Many people are lamenting the strict CDC guidance that encourages us not to get together with people outside our immediate circles to avoid spreading the infection.  But, ladies, let’s look at some of the benefits of this new way of doing Thanksgiving. Having a small, quiet Thanksgiving can a be a true blessing. You can indeed be thankful for many reasons:

You can eat the Thanksgiving food you want to eat instead of what is served. Okay, maybe you will miss your grandmother’s sweet potato pie or your sister’s macaroni and cheese. But, just think: You won’t have to pretend that you love that soggy green bean casserole your aunt rolls out every year. You can also eat your favorite part of the turkey and not worry your little cousins will eat it up before you get to the table. There have been countless times I missed getting the turkey wing because someone knabbed it before I could.   This year I will only eat turkey wings.

And maybe you don’t like turkey. This Thanksgiving you can have whatever you want to eat. The way you want it. You can even stick to the diet you’ve been doing so well on these last few weeks.  This Thanksgiving you don’t have to blow it. Halleluiah.

You don’t have to worry your family will judge you for what you wear or how you look.  Ladies. No need to plan out a special Thanksgiving outfit. Keep your money and just pull on something comfy.  You won’t need to worry that your family will notice you’ve put on a little weight since last year or since you started that new job or graduate program. The fact you didn’t have the money or the time to get your hair done will not a problem at all – right?   This year – come to Thanksgiving as you are au naturel, and be blessed.

Family won’t get together and whisper about the man you’re dating, your recent divorce, or the fact you don’t have a man – and never do! Thanksgiving is definitely the time to catch up with what your big and little cousins are doing with their love lives.  And it’s a time when your intimate life gets way too much scrutiny.   But, this year – no worries.  No one needs to know that Charles left you a month ago and you’re about to lose your mind. They don’t need to know what you and Squeaky are doing because you know you just cannot bring Squeaky around your family.  This year you can reflect on your own if cupid is doing you wrong or not and just reach out to a few select family members to help you think it all through.

Use Zoom to stage your Thanksgiving to your advantage.  Many families (including my own) will spend part or all of their Thanksgiving on Zoom. Use this to your advantage. Hop on and off the Zoom call as the spirit moves you. Set up the view to show off what’s working for you right now, like your trendy new top or earrings. Don’t worry about your PJ bottoms if no one can see them. Show off new furniture pieces but hide dirty dishes and laundry.  You get the picture.

Now that I’ve got your juices flowing, I’m sure you can think of lots of reasons to be thankful this year.  This is a very short list.  Of course being separated from family can be sad. But, be creative and positive and spend Thanksgiving in a way you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to and most of all… be thankful.