Are You A Fabuluous, Independent Woman Of Color And Still Single?

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Often we ladies of color do everything to make ourselves perfect so we can find a man.  A lot of white women can get by with just blond hair and blue eyes. There are men who will go after them even when they don’t have anything more to offer.

Many of us feel we have to do more to get a man.

We strive to look and be fabulous. So, it’s hard to understand why we can’t attract and keep “Mr Right,” after we have built successful professional lives – often against all odds.  To us, we’ve done everything “right.”

Enter Black relationship strategist Natalie Clarice of Find Me My Man on Oxygen TV.  This sassy, urban matchmaker helps us black women – and other ladies – figure out what we’re doing wrong in the dating world. While it may seem like we have it all and are making the right moves, saying the right things. Natalie points out how we have to chip off some of our armor to get a man.  While the standards and walls we’ve built  have helped us climb the corporate ladder and build careers often in hostile environments with a lot of unfairness, it can become a barrier to finding love.

Not all the women on the show who can’t find dates are “fabulous.” Some of them have some serious quirks. But, most are making bank. Rarely do we see such a nice quantity of women of color doing so well financially in non-music/entertainment professions.

Find Me My Man has us datin’ around the world and across the color line. It shows us we do have options when it comes to love and with Ms. Clarice’s guidance how we can learn how to take advantage of them. It’s nice to have a dating reality show dedicated to helping us find our man so we can take being fabulous to a new level.

Find Me My Man airs on Tuesdays in the USA at 9/8c pm on Oxygen TV.

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2 responses on “Are You A Fabuluous, Independent Woman Of Color And Still Single?

  1. April

    I love her show!! She’s so real and down to earth. Clarice gives it to you straight!! Just watching the show and seeing her coach women, I see my own flaws. It’s amazing how sophisticated educated women treat men like their businesses or careers. Clarice helps these women to understand love is different and has to be approach differently for the woman.