ASK JANICE: Help! I have Walking Orgasms!


Dear Janice,

There is a guy at work who is so exciting to me that I get orgasms walking over to his desk. What should I do?

Embarrased in NYC

Dear NYC:

To me, “Walking Orgasms” are mythical things, like Unicorns or Mermaids. You want to believe they exist, you hope they exist, but the rational part of your brain refuses to believe they exist.

After all, so many women are unable to have orgasms even with direct stimuli! Yes, it’s true. There are many women out there who, even with the aid of vibrating, stroking and penetrating aids, still can’t find their bliss. Even if they are lying flat on their backs, or mounted upon a willing and patient partner.

Thus, I find it difficult to believe that there are some women who are able to achieve orgasm while walking. Heck, I have trouble chewing gum and walking! So, can you imagine being hit with the big “O” while walking?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I totally understand that kind of extreme sexual attraction to someone that renders you powerless over your own body’s responses. I mean, who hasn’t seen the object of their desire and gone weak in the knees? What self-aware woman hasn’t felt her panties get wet and her nipples harden when in the presence of a really hot man (or woman, if that’s your orientation)?

But without direct stimulation to at least one erogenous zone, how does the happy ending happen? How does that moment come where you can barely breathe, your eyes involuntarily close and an explosion happens throughout your body that leaves you limp, relieved and sometimes (if it’s done correctly), sleepy … while walking?

My gut reaction to anyone who “suffers” from “Walking Orgasms” is to be grateful that you can so easily achieve what most of us have to work to get. But, that’s not really helpful. So, I will say this: I have always believed that no matter what anyone else does or doesn’t do, you ultimately have control over your orgasms. Your brain is the most important organ in the whole process. So, knowing you have that kind of reaction to this individual, let the rational part of your brain take control and at least put off your happy ending until you are alone. Work on controlling your breathing, think about something mundane like cleaning your toilets or rearranging your closets. It really is a case of mind over matter.

Then, as soon as you can form a coherent sentence, ask the guy out on a date right away. Because if he can get you off by just his mere presence, he is definitely someone you need to spend some one-on-one time with!


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