By Sophia Ned-James

Now that I’ve written about it a few times, my guy has decided to wake me up using some form of sex on a semi-regular basis.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  I love it!  But every once in a while, I’d like to return the favor, you know?

Anyway, here’s what happened this morning …

I slowly pulled myself out of a deep sleep and realized that the intense pleasure I felt wasn’t a dream.  It was Royce* moving gently inside me.  He moved deliberately, careful not to rest his full weight on my body.  Even though his head was turned so that I couldn’t see his face, I could feel him straining to be quiet.

It didn’t work, though.  I heard his soft moans and knew he needed release.

I gently reached up and pulled him closer to me, as I matched his thrusts with my own.   Royce turned his head and looked at me with such raw lust, it shocked me.  Clearly he’d been at this for a while because he was closer to the edge than I thought.

Reaching down, I grabbed his firm ass and pulled him into me harder.  “Take it, baby” I whispered, holding his gaze.  “Take your pussy.  Cum for me!”

And so he took me with abandon, putting both my legs around his shoulders which allowed him to go even deeper.  It felt incredible!  And watching him completely let go as he finally came had my heart racing.  His eyes never left mine as he rode out his orgasm.  Then, he collapsed on top me, in a sweaty, exhausted heap.

I let him catch his breath before I started moving beneath him.  He was still inside me, though no longer hard.  He wasn’t completely limp, but he wasn’t hard enough for me to really get off.  I was too aroused to stay still, though.

Royce knew exactly what to do.  Reaching down, he gently took hold of my throbbing clit.  Then, he began to slowly massage it as I rocked my hips against him harder.

Soon, I could feel his manhood start to swell inside me until he was hard enough to fill me up again.  Removing his hand, he started thrusting into me again, following the pace I set with my hips.

“Can you cum again, baby?”  I asked, getting closer and closer to the edge.

Shaking his head, he answered “Uh-uh.  This is all you this time.”

“But you’re so hard!”

“I know,” he grunted, picking up his pace.  “But this is for you.  It’s your turn.”

He kept talking.  Grinding his hips even harder, he grunted “This is my pussy, isn’t it?  I want to feel my pussy cum!”

As the first wave of orgasm began its slow ascent up my spine, I quickened my pace.  Knowing I was getting close, Royce urged me on.  “That’s it, Baby.  Come on and cum for me.  I love watching you cum!  You’re so sexy!”

My eyes involuntarily began to close as I gave in to his sexy demands.  But, he wasn’t having it.  “Uh-uh.  Keep those eyes open.  I want you to look at me when you cum!”

Seeing him watch me with such intensity was exciting and erotic.  And his voice, so deep and commanding, pushed me right to the edge.  But it was this one move he did that finally sent me flying.  Somehow, by shifting his weight just a little, he started hitting my spot.  He knew it, too because he was relentless, hitting that exact spot over and over until I completely lost control.  When I came, I screamed and shuddered, feeling full, happy and sated.

I have to admit he’s got me spoiled.  Waking up to my annoyingly loud alarm clock just isn’t the same.  Now, if I can just figure out a way to wake up before him so that I can return the favor …

*Royce is my Boo’s online name.  I keep his government name a secret out of respect.  Anyway, I always change the names and a few details to protect the no-so-innocent!