Bannon Didn’t Show Paris Any Love, And He Won’t Show You Any Either

Steve Bannon didn’t show the Paris Climate Accord any love. And, he won’t show you any either.  Men like Bannon are motivated by darkness and wreak havoc everywhere they go.

Steve Bannon was the key supporter behind Trump’s recent self-destructive and odd decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. (What leader says they want their country to be “first” and “respected” by other countries and then pulls out of an agreement their country negotiated to be “first” to become the laughing stock of the world, disrespected and isolated?)

News reports claim Bannon convinced Trump to pull out with a whiteboard  explaining how Trump needed to keep his campaign promises like building “the wall,” pulling out of the Paris agreement, etc. to position himself with his supporters to win re-election in 2020.

But is winning in 2020 what motivates Bannon? Or watching the world burn, as one media outlet described it? This is a man who said “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.” He stated this right after he declared, “Darkness is good.”  This may be what some conservatives call Christian values, but these are not the type of values you want your man to have.

Bannon is a nihilist bent on destroying the US and the world. If you look at Bannon’s past and his relationships (not to mention his writings), it is clear the man is on a crash and burn mission.

Like Trump, Steve can’t keep a woman. Reportedly, Bannon has had three wives and there have been problems with domestic abuse.  The women in Steve’s life have not fared well.  Police were called over eleven times to Bannon’s Miami home by tenants and an ex-wife asking for help. Many told the press the Coconut Grove home was dysfunctional. Police in California filed domestic charges against Bannon after an ex-wife claimed she had been assaulted. She had gotten pregnant by Steve out of wedlock and Steve told her he would only marry her if the babies she was carrying were normal.  When the amniocentesis test showed the babies would be born without birth defects, Steve rushed over a pre-nuptial agreement for her to sign. Ladies, are these the family values you’re looking for in a partner?

While studies show divorce is harder physically and mentally on men than women, you have to wonder what came first: Bannon’s dark mental state or problems with relationships? Are they intertwined? Bannon’s dark political views and fascination with destruction are mirrored by his failed relationships. Between Steve’s darkness and Donald’s insecurities, you have to fear for the health and safety of the women in their lives and the world.


One response on “Bannon Didn’t Show Paris Any Love, And He Won’t Show You Any Either

  1. Yara

    I think there are so many layers of darkness to this man and he is void of any hint of emotional intelligence. We cannot expect any positive policy from him or Trump.