Black Christmas Movies 2022


Ladies, I confess.  I love Christmas movies during the holidays – especially Christmas romance movies. I spend way too much time in front of the Hallmark channel right after I finish my turkey dinner. You have to admit, it is hard to avoid Christmas movies after Thanksgiving.    (But, I do skip the “Christmas in July movies.” Way too extra).

These days there’s more choice outside of BET. Hallmark is getting all DE&I these days and has some nice pieces with non-white characters.  And, I do love the Hallmark channel’s Mahogany movies which feature wholesome black people falling in love.  I am enjoying their Christmas pieces.

Click here and find Mahogany Christmas movies.

Oprah’s Own channel has Black Christmas movies as well.  I was looking around on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised to see someone put together a bunch of Black Christmas movies so we don’t have to have cable or netflix to enjoy.  See below.

Happy Holidays