SuzyKnew! Goes To Lagos – Emergency Contraception

Ok. Think.

If you need to find the Morning After Pill fast, where’s the most logical place to find it? I mean a pharmacy located in what type of place?

An airport or train station, right?

So, maybe that hook up didn’t go the way you thought it would or maybe it was tough resisting the charms of that man you met at your friend’s wedding.  In any case, stuff happens and you need a Plan B.

SuzyKnew! continues our video series on what brands of emergency contraception are available where lovely ladies of color live.  Today we take you to Nigeria where we’re flying from Lagos to Abuja.  Before take off, we need to take care of business.  See what we find.

Like we found in Hyattsville, MD, USA, there were two brands of emergency contraception (EC) available – a brand and a generic. But, the brand name Postinor II that the pharmacist says women prefer is stocked out. The only one available is Sendinor , an Indian generic at less than half the price.

Prices here are only a fraction of two brands we found at our first pharmacy in Hyattsville, MD, USA – Plan B at $49.99 and My Plan at $39.99. At the Medvacc pharmacy at the air port, Postinor II sells for 450 Naira ($2 – $3) and Sendinor 200 Naira or $1 or less.

Trending on the web in Nigeria are stories from Nigerian men curious to learn more about EC when they find it their their lady’s hand bag as well details on what to do when you have sex without a condom or protection. You can also find Nigerian doctors on the web explaining EC.

Here we found EC brands that are Levenorgestrel-based, which means they’re effective 72 hours after unprotected sex.  The longer acting product like EllaOne which is better for heavier ladies and works ups to 5 days after unprotected sex wasn’t found – at least at the Lagos airport.  There are several brands of EC available in Nigeria. But, careful, ladies, the WHO and NAFDAC (Nigeria’s FDA) found counterfeit or fake EC back in 2013. Although the government and distributors have made many efforts to get rid of the fakes, chose only reputable pharmacies for your EC stock!

Thank you for following SuzyKnew! and we’ll see you at the next pharmacy!

Photo credit: Pinterest #NWglam