Consider A Copper IUD The Next Time You Need The Morning After Pill


The night was wonderful but the contraception didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of a trip to Walgreens or CVS for the Morning After Pill, why not consider a trip to your doctor’s office or a clinic for an IUD (intrauterine contraceptive device)? Few ladies – especially young women – think of getting a copper IUD instead of emergency contraceptive (EC) pills. (A copper IUD means not a hormonal IUD or Mirena…) This is what a recent study found published in Contraception Journal in April 2018.

The study looked at the awareness of women between 18 – 25 years  who didn’t want to get pregnant and who were getting contraceptive counseling at 40 Planned Parenthood health clinics during the years of 2011 – 2013.  Less than 8% of these women were aware of IUD inserted within 5 days of unprotected sex as a method of emergency contraception.

Your friendly doctor

Agreed: going to a Planned Parenthood Clinic isn’t exactly as convenient as a trip to the drugstore. And maybe you know an IUD isn’t right for you. But, now you know it’s an option for emergency contraception, if you didn’t know before…