Do You Fight To End Deaths Caused By Abortion, But Fight For Your Right To Cause Deaths By Not Wearing A Mask?

Ladies, it’s amazing how many people oppose a woman’s right to have an abortion because they believe it kills unborn babies but demand their right not to wear a mask which could kill numerous people through the spread of COVID-19.   But, this is where we are these days.

A woman who opts for an abortion is ending the life of one fetus. But, someone who decides not to wear a mask and who has the Coronavirus (knowingly or unknowingly) can end the life of a lot of people.  Unborn babies don’t have state-recognized names  or social security numbers not to mention a whole life that impacts so many. But, a person’s carelessness and callousness could kill and ruin perhaps hundreds or thousands of lives. This is a lot deadlier and more pernicious than an abortion. This is how we got from 1 death in the States in January to over 100,000 deaths in May. But you wouldn’t know it from some people’s reactions and how the media just doesn’t “go there.”

Such attitudes and actions about mask-wearing show a disregard for life and show a person for who he or she really is. You can’t call yourself “pro-life” and so concerned about “innocent lives” and then go out and risk killing people or making them morbidly ill because you don’t like wearing a mask.   Perhaps such people are fighting more for privilege – than for life.  They want the privilege to determine their own comfort over the risk of getting people sick or killing them. They don’t care about unborn babies as much as they care about their own discomfort over abortion.

Yes, ladies, I am a proud mask-wearer. And, I’m a proud “shamer.”   I will shame you, if you try standing too close to me.  You could be a family member, a close friend or someone I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. And, I have no shame in telling someone to put a mask on when I see them without one in a store.  And, yes, I cross the street when I’m out walking and people are walking towards me.

Ladies, I am not giving anyone the right – or privilege – to kill me.

Keep it healthy!

Keep is sexy!

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