Donna Brazile Needs A Vacation

Sista’ Donna Brazile was back at it again this weekend on U.S. talk shows promoting her book Hacks and defending what she had said on talk shows last weekend. The former DNC Chair was on quite a few shows last Sunday and had her meltdown on Sunday ABC This Week.   She was calmer this weekend. She didn’t talk about being ‘Patsy the Slave,’ fending off Russian death threats and repeat a million times that she wasn’t getting paid. But, one thing is clear: This Sista’ needs a vacation.

Ladies, anytime you find yourself telling the public you’re Patsy the Slave, you’re not getting paid, you have people trying to kill you and follow it by up telling people to “Go to Hell” if they think differently, you know you need to take some time off. You need a moment – some time off to unwind and slow down.

As Sistas’, we’ve all been there. Misunderstood.  (Donna told the ABC host that she didn’t mean to say the Democratic elections for presidential candidate were “rigged” like that – like The Donald likes to say – but that the system was unfair.  But, wouldn’t you know it all through the week people were saying Donna Brazile said the elections were rigged.) We know what it’s like to be patronized like Donna Brazile has clearly been. We know and feel her pain.

We’ve had to deal with boss ladies like Hillary. They’ve cussed us out and then come back and begged us to work with them. Even though we may want them to succeed their abuse can be agonizing.

Often, we’ve been the moral compass.

Ladies, don’t hold it all in and wait until you burst like Donna.  Step off the stage. Call a time out. And, take a few days off.

Re-evaluate where you are and how the j-o-b – or relationship – is going. Is it all worth it? Catch your breath and come back and negotiate a better deal for yourself. Or leave. Writing a book can be cathartic. But, it’s what you do after the book that makes the difference.

May Donna get the Democratic Party she has worked tirelessly for and she thinks is possible and may you, Ladies, find peace, comfort and joy in your professional and personal lives in spite of the many trials you may have to endure.







2 responses on “Donna Brazile Needs A Vacation

  1. Expat

    I enjoyed reading your article, you touched on very important points. However, I wouldn’t say Ms. Brazille had a breakdown. She only spoke about things she wrote in her book. Although I don’t agree with Ms. Brazille telling people to go to H^LL, I believe it was important for people, who have been mistreated, to speak out about it – not being paid, being a victim of Russians and dealing with a personal attack by Trump, for example. Because if you do not speak out about any injustice, specially at that level of public service, who will?!

    1. SuzyKnew! Post author

      Yahs! – it is important for people to speak out. I admit I have not read the book. But, I listened and watched Donna as she did all the Nov. 5th talk shows and she sounded frantic, misunderstood, and overwhelmed. I could feel her pain and anguish from my living room. With our legacy, it can be easy to stay in abusive situations or not right/confront bad situations. I’m glad Donna Brazile spoke out. Her message would have been stronger if she had healed before she delivered it. I wish her time and space to get herself together – and to figure out how to get paid! The Sista’ needs to get paid after all of this!

      Thanks for writing. Please visit our site again soon.