Don’t Be Fooled By The Mask

Ladies, don’t be fooled by the mask.  Melania doesn’t care about your life any more than her husband does. Since the virus hit the U.S., Melania has been largely M.I.A. except for this brief PR move that came out in early April, months after the Coronavirus was declared a national health emergency.

After Michelle Obama reached out to offer her services to the mayor of Washington, DC, where the virus is particularly affecting Black Americans, people of color and the poor, Melania got back in the game of being FLOTUS and launched a PSA* about best practices to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  She now appears – of course – sans mask. Her husband mocks the mask so it’s not surprising to see Melania ditch the mask, as well.

The other day,  I got a phone call from Michelle Obama (yes, I live in Washington, DC) telling me about free Coronavirus testing. I haven’t gotten a call from Melania yet.  And, I’m not waiting for or expecting a call from her either.  Her husband says the country has all the tests it needs and doesn’t need any federal government help in stepping up manufacturing of tests, ventilators, or PPE – nada.

So, Trump won’t invoke the Defense Production Act to make more tests available which all public health officials and most governors say are sorely needed to reduce the spread of the virus and save lives.  But,  after hearing how many Black and Brown people are dying from the virus, Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to keep meat packing companies open – places where hundreds of workers, most who are Black and brown, are dying.

By keeping workers in dangerous conditions, by not ensuring the availability of PPE and provoking people not to wear masks (A couple of weeks ago, everyone was out wearing masks. Look outside now, and no one is wearing a mask… What happened?),  Trump is literally killing us. Especially US!

More Americans have died under Trump than under any other president in modern times. Trump has managed to see more Americans die than a foreign adversary has.   If this isn’t a sign Trump is a foreign agent, Ladies, tell me what is…

Keep it sexy!

Keep it healthy!


*PSA – Public Service Announcement