Emergency Contraceptives In Strasbourg, France?

SuzyKnew! continues to go all around the world where lovely ladies of color live to see what type of emergency contraceptives – or the “The Morning After Pill” – we find.  This time we’re in the north of France in Strasbourg. Strasbourg has a sizable Black and Muslim population but because France does not systematically collect data on race, it’s difficult to know exactly how many lovely ladies of color there are. Polls suggest around 3% of the French population is Black.

This is our 5th pharmacy and we’re at the pharmacy located right outside Strasbourg’s main train station. We found two types of emergency contraceptives: Norlevo at 7.34 (around $8.40) Euro which has to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex and ellaOne at over 19 Euro (around $22.67)which can be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex. But, of course the earlier you take it the better. EllaOne is also more effective for us ladies with a few extra curves.

So far, emergency contraceptives are a lot more affordable in France and Nigeria than in the U.S. But, in Nigeria, while it was clear that Postinor II was a known, quality product, the others were suspect – like you can’t find them when you google…. Hmm…

Thank you for following SuzyKnew! and we hope to see you at our next pharmacy!


Photo courtesy of France 24