Fertility Friday: Conceiving In The Midst Of A Pandemic

This weekend SuzyKnew! shares Fertility Friday’s podcast on conceiving in the midst of a pandemic.  This is a powerful and important podcast episode focusing on conception in the midst of chaos.

With the increasingly restrictive measures that have been imposed on us, and growing uncertainty about when we’ll emerge from it all, where does that leave your plans to grow your family?

If you’ve wondered whether this is the “right” time to conceive, you’ll appreciate today’s episode. Find out why Fertility Friday’s guest feels that the current state of affairs presents an incredible opportunity to bring children into the world. Fertility Friday delves into the topic of stress and explore how to cultivate your thoughts and emotions to foster an incredible, life-giving environment for your unborn child — regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.

A timely and important conversation.

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