Fertility Friday: Decoding The Male Influencer Space

This weekend we share Fertility Friday’s podcast on “Decoding The Male Influencer Space.

Fertility Friday’s Lisa Hendrickson-Jack states:

Many reproductive-aged women find themselves following a variety of male health and fittness influencers who’ve had amazing success with certain practices that end up causing hormone and menstrual cycle disruption when they try them.

Lisa looks at a few of these practices in today’s podcast episode — namely intermittent fasting, “magical” diets, and “magical” supplements. Why call them “magical?” Because you may have noticed the tendency for health and fitness influencers to promote a specific diet or way of eating, an exercise practice, or certain supplements because they’ve had a positive personal experience. They may feel that they’ve found the “truth” for everyone because of their personal experience, so they begin evangelizing their benefits to the masses.

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