Fertility Friday: Fix Your Period!

This weekend we share Fertility Friday’s interview with Period Warrior Nicole Jardim. This podcast explains how periods don’t have to be painful, out of control heavy, crime scene worthy, unpredictable, or otherwise horrifying.

If you’ve experienced ridiculous mind-numbing pain with your periods, heavy flow that’s so much more problematic when you laugh or sneeze, irregular bleeding, or no bleeding (i.e. a missing period!) — Fertility Friday wants you to know that there’s hope!

The interview delves deeply into the topic of histamine intolerance and how it can impact your cycle. If you’ve ever noticed that your allergies, sensitivities, and even your mood changes depending on where you are in your cycle, this episode will explain so much!

Topics discussed in today’s episode:Lisa Hendrickson Jack

  • Why it’s so important in understanding your bodies health cycle and realizing its less complicated and starts with the fundamental basics
  • Understanding the symptoms of histamine issues in the menstrual cycle and how they can change cyclically in your cycle
  • Why do some women struggle so much of producing extra histamines and some women do not produce and extra amount of histamines
  • What the first steps in determining if your histamines are affecting your menstrual cycle
  • How cutting out high histamine products from your lifestyle can help in finding out if it is effecting your menstrual cycle
  • What is the correlation between Gut Health and menstrual cycles issues and how GI issue play in with histamines

Click here for the podcast and more information.

Click here for Nicole Jardim’s book Fix Your Period.