Fertility Friday: Gut Health, Digestion, And Your Fertility

Ladies, we are all nervous about Covid-19 these days and focused on our health. Now is the time to learn how our digestive health can impact our fertility.  Listen to the featured podcast interview with Dr. Haylee and Kristin, who take a unique functional medicine approach that gives couples the tools they need to get to the root cause of health and fertility struggles, conceive successfully, and set their babies up for lifelong health from the very beginning.

Today’s Fertility Friday Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • Factors that can cause your bowels to go wrong
  • Signs that something could be going on with your gut health
  • Who to go to if you suspect you are having gut issues
  • Tips on how to find specialized naturopaths in your area
  • What is a normal day/week for the digestive system
  • What is considered constipated vs. diarrhea
  • The benefits of the Bristol Stool Chart for determining your stool type
  • How gut health impacts fertility

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