Fertility Friday: How Does Stress Impact The Menstrual Cycle?

Lisa Hendrickson Jack

This weekend SuzyKnew! shares Fertility Friday’s podcast on how stress affects the menstural cycle. Face it, Ladies, we are all stressed out with the uncertainty of COVID-19.  Deep down, we know the world, as we knew it, will not return.  Everything has changed and will continue to change. Facing this new reality is scary. The stress is messing with our heads – and our cycle!

Topics Lisa discusses today in her podcast include:

  • How stress or other factors can delay the pre-ovulatory phase of your cycle
  • Signs to watch for when acute stress may affect the post ovulatory phase
  • Examples of chronic stressors and how they may affect your cycle
  • How charting can prevent your from going totally off the rails when dealing with stress
  • Why optimizing your sleep is so important when dealing with stress
  • Benefits of meditation for reducing stress
  • Why taking a media fast may be so helpful at this current time

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