Fertility Friday: Parasites, Mold, Infections, Hidden Pathogens … And Your Fertility

Today, we share Fertility Friday’s podcast interview with Dr. Jessica Peatross on how parasites, mold, infections and hidden pathogens impact your health and fertility.

Hidden pathogens don’t always show up consistently on tests, and can be notoriously difficult to treat. Many women have struggled to successfully get rid of persistent, underlying infections, and Dr. Peatross tells all about getting the support you need, and ultimately getting to the root of the issue.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:
  • What drew Dr. Peatross to medicine and prompted her to shift her focus on medicine
  • How some of these hidden illnesses can present themselves and how they can be missed by our traditional medical system
  • Where would someone get mold exposure and how to detect it in your body
  • What are the common symptoms of mold and how it can affect your health
  • Is there anything that a person can do to minimize the effect of mold
  • How to determine if your house is safe of mold
  • How individuals think they are immune from hidden pathogens, viruses and infections
  • Why some people get sick and some people do not when exposed to the same thing
  • How underlying infections and parasites can reap havoc on our health

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