Looking For “The Morning After Pill” In Haiti

Bonjour, Ladies!

Today, we’re in Haiti. We’re continuing our year-long video series on looking for “The Morning After Pill” or emergency contraceptives all around the world where “Lovely Ladies of Color” live to see what we can find.

Today’s pharmacy is located in Port-au-Prince – the capital city.  The ladies here have several choices – but they all seem to be generic pills coming from neighboring country Dominican Republic. All the packaging and inserts are in Spanish. I didn’t see anything in French. So, if you need to read the instructions on the package insert and you don’t speak Spanish, you’re out of luck

Our first attempt was at a modest pharmacy.

We visited a second and third pharmacy. The third pharmacy was Giant pharmacy located at an upscale supermarket. Giant had the brand Postday manufactured by Gedeon Richter. Gedeo Richter emergency contraceptives were found in Lagos, Nigeria and in the U.S. as well.  Also, the manufacturer seems to have the most affordable emergency contraceptives – at least where lovely ladies of color live.

Note: Our EC video studies aren’t exactly scientific!

Photo courtesy of Lakaywear.com