Why Am I So Insatiable? ASK JANICE

Hi Suzy,
I am a 29 year old guy, I think I have a problem I am too shy to talk about. All I seem to think about is sex and even after a good round of it, I still want more of it. Help needed here!

Dear Help Needed,

Suzy sent me your inquiry, hoping I might be able to help.  So here goes …

First of all, from what I can tell, there really isn’t anything “wrong” with you.  I don’t know anything about your overall health, diet, relationship status, exercise regimen, etc.  But assuming all is well in those areas, you sound perfectly fine to me.

Humans are naturally sexual beings.  It behooves us as a species to not only be interested in having sex, but to want to have sex.  Trust me, there are A LOT of people (men and women) who feel the same way you do.

That said, different cultures, religions, and communities view sexuality differently.  What may seem like a “normal” sex drive on one part of the globe may seem excessive elsewhere.  Since I don’t know where you’re from, how you worship or how you were raised, it’s hard for me to say if your sex drive is “normal” or not.

Still, I did a little research for you, and wasn’t surprised to learn that a man’s sex drive is mostly in his head … literally.  According to healthline.com, your brain’s cortex and limbic systems, along with your testosterone levels are huge contributors to your sex drive.  For a man well past puberty, your constant thinking about sex is probably normal, assuming your brain functions and hormone levels are fine.  After all, you’re at the prime “baby making” age, so your high sex drive may just be your biological clock ticking.

Now we’ve all heard that men reach their sexual peak in their teens/early 20s.  While this may or may not be true, as far as testosterone levels, “men (do) peak in their late teens. It’s also true that as testosterone levels decline, it takes longer to get an erection. And it takes longer after ejaculation before a man can achieve an erection again. But the reduction in testosterone isn’t generally measurable until age 30.”  (Source: http://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/sex-drive)

In other words, you’re still at your sexual peak!  But you’ll probably notice a decline in your sex drive by the time you reach your next birthday.  So don’t worry or feel guilty about being so horny.  Sounds like you’re a typical 29 year old man who just needs to find partners who share your enthusiasm.

Hey, here’s a thought: since women typically reach their sexual peak later in life, an older woman might be a good sexual fit for you.  Know any “cougars”?


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