Ishtar And Easter: Revive Your Spiritual And Sexual Relationships

Happy Easter! Welcome Spring!

We all know Easter has pagan roots. It’s both a religious celebration and secular feast. Take time to celebrate both.

Originally, Easter was the celebration of Ishtar – the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex.  Ishtar’s symbols were eggs and rabbits, symbolizing sex and fertility. Constantine I implemented anti-pagan policies and Easter was changed to represent Jesus, Christianizing many symbols.

Here are a few ways to celebrate and renew:

1. Celebrate the resurrection of life – Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus. Seek redemption and renew your relationship with your God. How about those other relationships. Reflect on your relationship with your husband, partner and loved ones. What elements of these relationships need to be resurrected? What used to work but isn’t working now and needs some attention?

2. Lent is over; time to awaken your sexual juices – What did you give up for Lent? Fried foods and sweets? Cable TV or shopping? While you were sacrificing and praying did your sex life experience a dry spell and get neglected? Makes sense, right? Who can get all romantic when all you really want is some serious chocolate? This is the perfect time to get your grove back. Rediscover your sexual heat and passion and create some alone time with your man. And don’t forget the KY jelly.

3. Hunt for your Ishtar Egg Have you always wanted to have a baby but haven’t gotten around to it? Life happens. Make this spring the time to learn more about your fertility. Try fertility awareness; get your fertility checked out by your health care provider to see how fast that biological clock is ticking. More importantly, discuss with your husband or partner how important starting a family is to you. For the Christian woman, starting a family before marriage is a no-go. Does your man know how you feel about this topic?

4. Color your Yoni – Coloring eggs for Easter is tied to the rebirth and resurrection. And, yes, your yoni is sacred. Have you taken time to spruce it up? No, SuzyKnew! isn’t talking about douches and sprays. You know Suzy! don’t play that. We’re talking about waxing and lingerie shopping. Get that Brazilian wax you’ve been dying to try. Shop Victoria and see what new secrets she has for the spring.

5. Find the right Easter bonnet – and contraception! –  Everyone has got have to the right Easter hat this time of the year.It represents the tail-end of new clothes for Easter. But, have you thought about getting a new contraceptive? Are you happy with what you’re using now? Spring may be the time to try some new options – like the new IUD , FAM, back to condoms, or something else.

6. Make a basket of spiritual redemption, renewal and love – Easter is all about those baskets. What’s in your basket? Fill it with a renewed connection and love with your God, your relationships and yourself – including your sexual self!


2 responses on “Ishtar And Easter: Revive Your Spiritual And Sexual Relationships

  1. April

    Renewal, redemption and the awakening of new life or to life again is my favorite theme of the bible! Definitely spend his time to renew your relationship with Jesus, reaffirm your purpose in life and bring life to dry and “dead bonbonein your life be it relationships, spiritually, emotionally, physically and life habits. SEek wholeness in these areas now while nature too is being renewed.