This was me last night …

Oh!  I can’t help it.  I moan loudly when he gets his first few licks in.  The way he both licks and pulls my clit between his lips at the same time always drives me crazy.  It’s better than good … it’s amazing!

Somehow, this man can read my body like a book and knows exactly what I need.  He’s attentive that way, always able to make me tremble with pleasure.

I can already tell this little venture is going to be quick.  Normally, he’d tease me and make it last awhile.  He says he could go down on me for hours, and usually I’d let him.

But tonight he knows how badly I need this and decides not to make me suffer.  I need to cum so bad I can taste it, and he gladly obliges.  His tongue is relentless, a little rough even.  And I love it … every single stroke!

He doesn’t seem to mind when I grab his head and grind harder against his face.  I’m really losing control now, pumping so hard, my hips lift completely off the bed.  I can feel my orgasm coming, and it’s going to be huge.  I hope I don’t hurt him.  Then again, I don’t really care.

And then he does it: this thing where he flicks his tongue on my exact spot with just the right amount of pressure.  Yes, right there!  He does it again and again until finally …I explode!

The next thing I know, I’m floating on a cloud of pleasure, feeling weightless and free.

By the time my heart rate returns to normal, he’s suited up in a condom and ready to go.  Without him having to say a word, I already know what he wants.  I roll over and get on my knees, smiling at his reaction to seeing my ass.  He has a thing for my ass … always rubbing on it and squeezing it.  That’s why I know he’s ready to hit it from the back.  He likes to watch it jiggle.

I’m still a little tender from his mouth, so I gasp when he first enters me.  But our bodies go so well together my pussy fits him like a glove.  It feels good being filled up by him … so good!  But I’m more concerned about his pleasure than mine right now.

He likes it when I wiggle my ass and tease him.  I do so now, and he rewards me with a little slap on my ass … once, twice and yes!  A third time!  The sound of his hand on my flesh along with that biting sting does the trick for me.  The potent mixture of pleasure and pain go straight to my head and now I’m just as aroused as he is.

I try to quicken our pace, throwing it back against him a little faster.  But he’s not having it.

“Uh-uh,” he says, slapping my ass a little harder this time.  “I want to do this nice and slow.”  And he grabs my hips to better control our pace.

Dropping my shoulders, I submit to his calm and steady rhythm.  I relax and relish how good his dick feels moving slowly in and out of me.  I slide my knees a little wider and arch my back.  This allows him to go even deeper and it feels amazing.  And when I grind my hips just a little bit each time he thrusts, I can feel his balls bump against my clit.  It’s just enough pressure to drive me mad, reigniting that familiar urgency to cum.

But I want to make him feel good this time.  So I try to put my own pleasure out of my mind and move the way he likes.  But it’s no use.  He’s picked up the pace just enough now, and my clit is almost fully engaged.  I want to warn him that he’s getting me dangerously close to the edge, but can only manage to moan.

I try to stave off the inevitable and clutch at the bed sheets.  But my hips, pussy and clit have minds of their own and once again, I start grinding harder.  This gets me another tap on my ass, but instead of slowing me down, it only pushes me closer to my peak.

He’s getting close too, though.  I can tell by his moans and by the fact that he’s added a little twist to his hip movements.  The knowledge that I make him feel so good turns me on even more.

And now he’s pumping even harder, slamming into my pussy with so much force I almost bump my head on the headboard.  His hands grip my hips tighter and again that juxtaposition of pain and pleasure is so good, I could scream.  I want this good feeling to last, but at the same time I can’t wait to reach my end.

What I want doesn’t matter, though.  He has complete control over my body and there’s no stopping what’s about to happen.  I’m dizzy with arousal.  He grunts and thrusts harder, hitting every single one of my sensitive spots.  And then suddenly, a powerful orgasm rips through my body sending me flying into the clouds once again.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I sense when he cums.  And by the time my head clears, we’re lying beside each other on the bed panting like we’ve just completed a marathon.  I’m on my stomach and my vision is a little blurry.  He smiles as he reaches over and gently rubs my tender ass.

“Was I too rough?”  His voice is a little hoarse.  “Did I hurt you?”

“Not at all,” I answer.  I’m too drowsy to say anything else.  The last thing I remember is being pulled into his arms as I drift off to sleep.

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